5,000km !

Trying to beat the forecast bad weather I headed out for a bike ride before breakfast, riding about 31km down to Strathmore and back. Easy on the way out, then I turned into the headwind and the ride home was a lot harder.

It was a significant ride for me because it took me over 5,000km for the year, therefore successfully completing my “ride 5,000 km in 2010” goal. Here’s a bit of an anatomy of the YTD riding; 5,003 km ridden, 181 rides with an average distance of 27.6 km, average speed 24.9 km/hr and 201 hours in the saddle!

Now, here’s a question for you. Given that I’ve successfully completed that goal, do you think it would be cheating to begin my 2011 “Virtual Tour de France” goal now. This goal has me attempting to ride the same number of kilometres as the 2010 TdF riders before the 2011 TdF finishes. It sort of feels like cheating (adding extra days, therefore making it easier), but with some work commitments in first quarter that may require an overseas trip, I sort of feel I need to. Also, it would give me motivation to keep up my riding over the Christmas break. So, opinions please, cheating or not?

Our only trip out today was to Bunnings where we purchased all the supplies and tools needed to clean and oil our deck, so I guess that will be a job for an upcoming fine weekend, if we ever get one).

Ewen, we decided that we needed to buy a new compact and a digital SLR. I had a basic film SLR over 20 years ago, and wasn’t very good at using it, but I figure a digital one will allow experimentation and learning a lot more cheaply and with more immediate feedback  than the film version. I think I’ll be looking at an entry level one, but I think that needs a little bit more research than the compact, so it will be a 2011 purchase. I’ve already downloaded a couple of basic photography courses to begin my studies!

7 Responses to “5,000km !”

  1. Eat Em Says:

    Sorry Andrew but absolute cheating ……

    If you need motivation to ride over Xmas then set a tough goal (ride time) for Amys Ride on 2nd Jan – then use the xmas rides as a sort of ‘training / warm up’ to help beat that goal.

    In Early Dec I set a 2000km run / 6000km ride goal for Dec 31 (I wanted to better my 2009 figures of 2442 / 6442 but the broken arm put paid to that). So for Dec I have basically trained every day (I need to do 56 run / 285 ride each week). I will get the run done but am still 740km short on the bike 😦

    The point is – set a tough goal and do the best you can …. start Jan 1st with the VTDF as your focus. Good luck 🙂

    Eat Em

  2. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Woo-hoo! The mileage is impressive, to say the least, but that 200+ hours seat time is amazing. I get fidgety after a half hour. 🙂

    And yeah, cheating a little to start early; however, maybe you could make a deal that if the overseas trip occurs, you can use these extra miles? Or half the miles?

  3. JH Says:

    Cheating. Definitely cheating.

  4. katsmumblings Says:

    I’m with the others on this – definitely cheating. Just set yourself a goal for the rest of the year if need be.

  5. sassydrcil Says:

    I am not with the others.
    Not cheating. It is only 11 days.
    Make hay while the sun shines, says I.

  6. Pippa Says:

    Wow, Andrew, 5 000 km is just AWESOME!!! Congratulations! Have I mentioned how one day when I’m all growed up I’m going to ride such long distances as you do? Really impressive, mate!

    As for the TdF challenge, there are two things I’d consider: (1) whether it is important for you to finish roundabouts the time of the next TdF, and (2) whether you feel more in control of your life when you are ‘ahead’ of schedule. From what I’ve seen of your Hot 100 goals, I’m suspecting you function well with a buffer around you, and I understand that, because I function the same way. With work responsibilities before you, I’d say that makes it a clear YES that you can start now. Plus (3) and this is my personal thing, I very much like the idea of getting a head start on 1 January, instead of waiting till THEN to start a goal. To me it guarantees greater success. But you’re very disciplined and probably don’t need such a psychological advantage! =)

    Still catching up on my blog reading, perhaps you’ve already decided, but those are my 2 (3) cents’ worth.

  7. Ewen Says:

    That’s interesting Andrew. I’m tossing up between a high level compact or a slightly higher priced SLR. At least with digital one can see the results immediately. I found with film, poor processing often spoiled the results (unless I was shooting slides). I’m also curious about still cameras that also shoot HD video.

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