Two jerseys …

I left work a little early today as I had to go and collect my Amy’s Ride event jersey. I love the fact that they have put the Amy Gillett Foundation motto “A Metre Matters” down both sides of this years jersey, right where a passing motorist would be able to read it. For those overseas readers, Amy Gillett was an elite Australian cyclist who was tragically killed whilst training in Germany in 2005. The primary objective of the Amy Gillett Foundation, formed in Amy’s honour, is to reduce the incidence of injury and death caused by the interaction between motorists and cyclists. The “A Metre Matters” logo refers to motorists giving cyclists a metre of space as they pass on the road. There are a number of Amy’s Rides around the country, which are large participation events aimed at raising awareness of cycling safety. One or two of the motorists who passed me today needed to get that message.

When I arrived home, I found that my event jersey for the Great Ocean Otway Classic had also arrived in the mail. So, two new jerseys today to add to my expanding collection. I almost need another closet just for my cycling and running gear 🙂

Got out for a really good ride tonight, doing one of my “5km under 11 minutes” time trials, this time completing 6 x 5km intervals under the 11 minute time limit (10:26, 10:20, 10:26, 10:34, 10:31, 10:48) for a total ride of 32.6km, average speed of 28.2 km/hr. I’m trying to think of a good way of working this type of ride into a 2011 goal because I’m enjoying the “effort” of this type of ride, maybe see how far I can extend the distance. Something like that.

Also, a 30 minute home workout after dinner. I think I might have to put a goal around doing my home workouts more consistently in 2011 too.


3 Responses to “Two jerseys …”

  1. Sara Says:

    I like the idea of doing those 5km intervals- though I might have to aim a little longer than 11mins if I have a go!

  2. Eat Em Says:

    I got our two jerseys for Amys Ride also … we have a clean out every so often – I mean, you can only have so many jerseys – right ?

    There is a glaring target that you should be aiming for ( I suspect you already know this) …. 6x5km in under 10 minutes.
    As a start point try maybe 3x5km in under 10 and then slowly progress uback up to 6 x 5km.
    All the bike stuff that you write talks about averages in the high 20’s – so why not aim to push some of those to 30kph average.
    Be smart about it – start small and build on it over weeks ….
    I aim tio do my Tuesday morning rides at a 30kph av … sometimes solo and othe times in a pack. Distance is about 44 – 55 kms depending and sometimes teh last 5 kms is at a warm down pace.

    Eat Em

  3. Carla Says:

    Hi Andrew!

    Just passing by to catch up a bit on your blog…I’m glad to see you are doing well.


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