New knicks …

We braved DFO South Wharf today as I wanted to go to the 2XU store to buy some new cycling shorts with my Christmas present money I got from my family. I bought a pair of their mid-range cycle shorts, the top-range ones are really, really nice, but I couldn’t quite justify the additional $80.

I decided not to oil the deck today as rain was forecast, and we did get a bit so it was probably a wise choice. Tomorrow is looking more promising. So, the only job I did today was some cleaning of the stuff that has to be put back up on the deck once it is oiled (barbeque, outdoor furniture etc) as well as cleaning the blinds on the deck. I also cleaned down another of our windows ready for painting, which I might do tomorrow too in the “drying time” between coats of the deck oil.

I headed out for a ride tonight after dinner to try out the new shorts. It was really, really windy. Ended up with just over 26km in just over an hour. New shorts were comfy!


3 Responses to “New knicks …”

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy! Don’t forget to relax during your time off! 🙂

  2. Em Says:

    Hey, I need to oil my deck too, am aiming for Thursday, now that I have said it will have to stick to it!

  3. JH Says:

    Ahh good. When I saw this blog post in google reader I thought “oh no, I hope he doesn’t put up a picture”.

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