Deck … done

Well, the deck is done, and I’m really happy with how it came up, it looks better than new. Only problem is, now I don’t want anyone to walk on it (only joking). I did comment to Adrienne though, that the sad truth is, that it is the best looking floor surface in our whole house! Here’s what it looks like now … looks bigger with nothing on it too.

I also got the window painted, and as we had some deck stain left over, I offered to do a garden bench seat we have too, so did one coat of that, one more to go.

Out for a good ride again after tea tonight, it was an absolutely delightful evening to be out exercising – just over 28km in just over an hour.

5 Responses to “Deck … done”

  1. Carla Says:

    The deck looks fantastic!

  2. Pippa Says:

    LOVE the wood and blue combination. You could always insist on bare feet only – call it a ritual for 2011!

  3. Ewen Says:

    It does look good Andrew. Almost as good as the deck we built at Mum’s a couple of years back 😉

    An early ‘happy new year’ as I’ll be offline until Tuesday of next week.

  4. MizFit Says:


  5. jojo Says:

    yep looks great. id love it if we had a deck

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