vTdF – Prologue – Completed

Virtual Tour de France – Prologue – Rotterdam – 8.9km

The Course: The 2010 Tour de France started in Rotterdam, Netherlands, with an 8.9km time trial on a fast, flat track comprised of mainly wide straight roads and a crossing of the one kilometre long Erasmus Bridge.

The Race: Swiss time trial master Fabian Cancellara took the prologue and the first yellow jersey of 2010 with a time of ten minutes exactly, 10 seconds faster than Tony Martin. 8.9km in 10 minutes, that’s an average speed of 53.4 km/hr folks … that is cycling!

vTdF Status: 8.9km completed, target completion date for this stage was January 1st, so on track.


2 Responses to “vTdF – Prologue – Completed”

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Oh I could do 53.4 km/hr with one hand tied behind my back. Well, if I was in my car, I could. 🙂

    Great start to the year and this very inventive project!

  2. Tish Says:

    Very interesting. I just read the whole post to DH. His comment: “That’s moving.” We went on a longish ride today (29 miles for me, 38 for DH, who came back to pick me up after my legs started cramping and it started getting dark). Let’s just say, I DIDN’T go 53.4 km/hour!

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