Amy’s Ride 2011

Well, my first event of 2011 is completed. Today I participated in Amy’s Ride Geelong. The Amy’s Ride events are large participation cycling events run by the Amy Gillett Foundation. Amy Gillett was an elite Australian cyclist who was tragically killed whilst training in Germany in 2005. The primary objective of the Amy Gillett Foundation, formed in Amy’s honour, is to reduce the incidence of injury and death caused by the interaction between motorists and cyclists.

We got up at about 5:30am, in order to leave by 6:30am for the hour or so drive to Geelong. Adrienne dropped me off on the Geelong waterfront and went and spent the day with her mum. I met Frankie in the starting area, and we lined up ready to go.

Here is the view behind me in the starting area, cyclists everywhere!

Frankie and I … ready to ride

The start was a few minutes late, but uneventful. I’m always glad to get out on to the road in these large events, I think the crush of the start area is the most dangerous place. Frankie and I stayed together for the first 15km or so, but he fell behind and I felt I had to keep going at my own pace. I met up with Mark, Michelle and their friend David at the first drink stop at Portarlington, and rode with them for most of the ride. Frankie caught up with us at Queenscliff as you can see in the next photo.

Frankie, David, Michelle and Mark (and my bike foreground left)

The day was perfect for riding, not too hot although quite sunny (I’m glad I remembered the sunscreen). The wind was quite strong in places, and some of the crosswinds and headwinds were nasty (I didn’t mind the tailwinds though).

It was a 120km ride, and at about the 100km mark I started to get a bit of a cramp in my right quad, so I told Michelle to go on without me and I slowed down a bit for the last stretch. Overall though, it was a great ride, completing the 120km in a little under four and a half hours (riding time, not counting stops). Here is the route and the statistics from the Garmin.

I met up briefly with Mark and Michelle at the finish and also with friends Kerry and Herb who had ridden the 70km event. Then I rode over to Adrienne’s mum’s place (only a little over 7km, but it felt like a long way).

Home now, and have got a little bit of a headache, probably from 5 hours of sun exposure I guess. I’ve put the old tires back on my bike and am now ready to collapse in front of the TV (I think I could easily fall asleep on the couch tonight). Thank goodness tomorrow is a public holiday.


7 Responses to “Amy’s Ride 2011”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    Wow, well done!
    4272 calories! That is awesome!
    Beware of tram tracks – I helped a drunken cyclist who had come a cropper on tram lines today. Dangerous bastards.
    The headache could be dehydration, hypoglycemia or sun exposure. Have a coca cola.

  2. Michelle Says:

    It was great to catch up with you and ride with you today. You rode really well and it was very tough at times in the wind. Hope the headache goes quickly.

  3. sassydrcil Says:

    dirt cheap books, airwort west. Close to you, actually.

  4. offthelongrun Says:

    Wow mate – 120k is awesome especially at an avg speed of 27kph.

  5. hjworkinprogress Says:

    WOW that’s some serious riding ! Legs of steel !! Well done on your efforts, great way to start the year !! Here’s to a fit one !

  6. Eat Em Says:

    Good to catch up with you & Frankie on Sunday…
    Some things never change -same windy ride as last year … lol
    What Michelle didn’t sa is that as a result of her ‘limited’ running at the moment she is really hammered the bike – she held onto Wak’s wheel to the very end …. we were both a bit tired yesterday ….

    See you around

    Eat Em

  7. Em Says:

    Bloody hell, that’s a long ride, well done!

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