Still persona non grata in some places …

It appears that I am still persona non grata on some blogs, in that my comments don’t appear. The other day I tried to reply to a comment on my own blog and it got put in my spam queue. My own blog … bah humbug. Tonight, I couldn’t get a comment to stick on Deege’s blog, and nor could I comment on John’s blog (but I think that was a different problem, for some reason the “Post As” button just wouldn’t work). John, I wanted to say “Keep it, it looks good on you”.

I’m sitting here with a glass of red in hand after just having watched the “Do I Drink Too Much” documentary on SBS. So, obviously the answer was “No” or “I don’t care”, haven’t worked out which one yet.

Just a 30-minute home workout tonight, the rain keeping me inside.


6 Responses to “Still persona non grata in some places …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    You are welcome at my blog! (Though you weren’t a few days ago!) I am craving a drink right now- but decided to wait until next week.

  2. sassydrcil Says:

    My dad was an alcoholic. For years I was worried I would be one too, even though I didn’t drink. I tend to get sleepy before I get really drunk. I have never been drunk enough to spew. Still, I like to have a couple of drinks a couple of times a week

  3. deege Says:

    Sorry AJH, it seems that my blog thinks you are spam – have fixed it now and your comment has stuck!!

  4. JH Says:

    Why Thanks AJH. I think you’re the only one who likes it (the beard that is)

  5. shells Says:

    Hey AJH, you’re still a spammer on my blog 😀

  6. twocatz Says:

    I found you in the trash can the other day too

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