Twang, crunch, crunch …

Twang, crunch, crunch …. that’s what I heard (actually probably more felt, than heard) my knee do as I was riding to work this morning. It was weird, because I was riding along a slightly downhill section and not really putting any pressure on the pedal stroke, and it only lasted a couple of revolutions and then sort of felt ok for the rest of the ride. On the ride home it felt okay, but not 100%, and now feels a bit sore. Weird.

It was interesting reading Em’s post tonight because it really reflected exactly my thinking (or is that lack of thinking) about my knee. She relates how when sick recently, she has been scared that if she didn’t quickly get back into running she would lose her mojo, she really felt the pressure to get out there again, rather than spending some recovery time. Just prior to reading that, one half of my brain is wondering what I’ve done to my knee, whilst the other half is thinking what time of day I’ll fit in my ride or run tomorrow. I haven’t popped an anti-inflamm for a while, but might do so tonight.


7 Responses to “Twang, crunch, crunch …”

  1. Alex Says:

    I concur with both you and Em, I rushed backed too early and its taken me 3 months to get back in and yes I lost my mojo.
    Take it easy on your knee.

  2. Rachael Says:

    Crunch Crunch is never a good sound in the joints. Be careful! Listen to what your body is telling you. I have had knee problems in the past with martial arts and always wanted to get back. I ended up injuring it to the point of surgical repairs. Needless to say I can no longer do martial arts 😦 I often wonder if I had waited a little longer for more healing if thing would be different now. Take care and keep us posted of your progress with it.

  3. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Oh no! I hope it was nothing serious!

    I had surgery on my feet about 6 months into my loss phase, and I was worried (obsessed, some might say) that I might lose my momentum. Fortunately, my trainer built a “sit down” workout plan that got me through the worst of it.

  4. Jaykay Says:

    How weird you talk about your knee and the noises is makes.

    I squatted down this morning and my knee made this godawful ripping sound. Hubby heard it too and he said it made him feel sick!

    My knee doesn’t hurt at all and is fine doing squats/lunges etc and even running I feel no pain!! Might have to start back on the Glucosomine tablets though!

  5. Ewen Says:

    A day off or some cross-training won’t do you any harm. That’s a tough call for an athlete — is an “injury” one you can “run through” or do you need to rest? Unless the answer is obvious, I usually start a run (with very easy jogging) and see if the pain increases (stop immediately), stays the same (keep going and see if it subsides).

  6. twocatz Says:

    Rest is underrated – I know I am a slow learner

  7. jojo Says:

    a day off doesnt hurt 🙂

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