vTdF – Stage 2 – Completed

Virtual Tour de France – Stage 2 – Brussels to Spa – 201.0km

The Course: The first half of this stage is pretty flat, becoming undulating towards the end (three Cat3 climbs and three Cat4 climbs).

The Race: French rider Sylvain Chavenel attacked early in the stage and broke away, but the real excitement started on the Cote de Stockeu (about 40km from the end) when a motorcycle marshall crashed on the wet roads. This crash caused the peleton to brake heavily and lots of crashes ensued. Team Cervelo started a chase down of Chavenel, as well as trying to create some time gap for their rider Carlos Sastre who had avoided the crash carnage. Jens Voigt gave his all though and brought back the Schleck brothers (who had crashed) into the peleton.

Meanwhile, yellow-jersey holder Cancellara was complaining to the race commissioner that the race was too dangerous and that points should not be allocated, and he managed to convince them. Cancellara further tried to make his point by slowing down the peleton at the finish.

Chavenel managed to stay out in front for the stage win, and due to Cancellara’s messing about also took the yellow jersey.

vTdF Status: 433.4km completed, target completion date for this stage was January 25th, so 4 days ahead of schedule.


2 Responses to “vTdF – Stage 2 – Completed”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    well done, Andrew. Very goal-oriented.

  2. Pippa Says:

    Ah, very interesting facts – I missed much of the actual TdF footage – love reading up about how it went. And congratulations, Andrew, your progress is really impressive! And I’m getting the impression you’ve got everything neatly planned out. Kudos! I could take a leaf from your book on this… Good luck with Stage 3!

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