A frustrating Australia Day …

Firstly, the long morning bike ride I had planned did not eventuate due to rain.

Secondly, I nearly killed myself whilst up a ladder painting. We have large, top-hung windows that open out from the bottom. Whilst painting I opened the window too far (trying to get in up the top and paint the inner part) and the window came off. I nearly fell off the ladder but managed to stop myself, whilst still hanging on to the large window. Chris came to my rescue quickly. Only damage to me is a sore knee (the other one) and a wrenched thumb. We managed to re-hang the window and painting continued, but it was not a good painting session, I think I was a bit flustered. I’m glad it was only a first coat I was applying.

Thirdly, my iPod Shuffle appeared to have died, so I went out and bought a new Nano.

Fourthly, we’ve reached our monthly Internet download limit, so it is deathly slow.

Fifthly, now, it appears that it may have been our home computer (or Windows) that was the issue, as iTunes will not recognize the new Nano, or my iPad. I have reinstalled the latest iTunes (which took three hours to download – see fourthly above), to no avail. Apple web site suggests I need to uninstall iTunes and all components, then install again, but Windows won’t let me uninstall it, claiming I have problems with my Windows Installer Service. Time to buy a Mac maybe? I’ve given up in disgust for tonight, it will have to wait for another day.

So, hope your Australa Day holiday was better than mine. Happy Australia Day everyone!

Oh, I did manage to get out for a ride early evening, just over 28km in about an hour.


5 Responses to “A frustrating Australia Day …”

  1. katsmumblings Says:

    Sounds like a very frustrating day. At least you finished with a nice bike ride.

  2. Pippa Says:

    Happy belated Australia day … and I’m soooooooooooo glad to hear the ladder incident wasn’t worse than that! Though both knees now, ow!

    Some days you really feel like getting back into bed, and getting up again to start over. Or perhaps not getting up at all, eh? At least the day ended well!

  3. jojo Says:

    glad youre okay after hte near fall. that sounds scary

  4. cilla Says:

    Windows is shite, get a mac.
    BE CAREFUL on the ladder, or get some other sap to do it – I remember a nasty injury from a ladder fall while working in intensive care.

  5. twocatz Says:

    Go Mac you won’t regret it

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