Phew the evaporative cooling is struggling today, too hot.

I got out early for a ride as planned, heading out a bit after 7:30am. It was still quite warm early, and the wind was a 35-40 km/hr northerly, so tough going when riding into it. But conversely, great fun when riding down the Mickleham Rd hill, hitting 76.7 km/hr at one point. There were lots of cyclists out, obviously with the same thought of betting the heat. Ride ended up being just over 48 km in a bit over two hours.

Mark Sisson calls them a “big-ass salad” and they are quickly becoming my favorite weekend lunch. Today my “big-ass salad” contained the following; mixed lettuce, spinach leaves, cucumber, cubed cheddar cheese, snow pea sprouts, snow peas, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, mini roma tomatoes, spring onions, French radishes, green capsicum, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, Dutch (purple) carrots, celery, tuna and a splash of mayonnaise. It was the best salad I have ever had.

A pretty lazy day, mainly spent watching TV, trying to stay cool. There are some of my favorite old British comedies on the digital channels now, I watched Porridge with Ronnie Barker today. Brings back memories!

The only real job completed today was a rough cleaning out of the inside of my and Chris’s car, and a quick lube and check of the bike. I usually wipe down the tires of my bike in order to check for nicks and foreign objects that may cause me punctures on future rides. I rarely find anything, but today was one of those times that make it worthwhile as I found a small nick with a small shard of glass in it. So I let the tyre down and cleaned the glass out. A future puncture saved there I think!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m really looking forward to The Biggest Loser re-starting tonight, I am a bit of a BL tragic, and the twist of having the trainers living and eating with the contestants for a week should be interesting.

11 Responses to “Hot!”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    I liked TBL too. Commando just looked bored shitless when the ladies were crying. Tiffiny is very pretty but has rather big teeth. shannan and mich are shannan and mich. I have met Michelle in person, she is nice.
    Our evap cooling is cold at the front of the house and fairly useless out the back.

  2. Carla Says:

    I love me a big ass salad too!!! I guess it’s your hottest time of year over there, whereas over here we are freezing our butts off right now! 🙂

  3. offthelongrun Says:

    Wow, that’s a big salad – how many meals do you get out of those ingredients?

  4. Rachael Says:

    Your lazy day sounds perfect and the salad made my mouth water. It is so inspiring to hear how you get out every day and ride. I try my best to make exercise a normal part of my day unfortunately it does not always work the way I want. Too Freakin cold here!!! Have a great week!

  5. Em Says:

    I love a big ass salad and the great thing is they take alot of work to eat so you are not scrounging around for something else 5 minutes later.

    I think TBL is doing fine without my viewership, I flat out can not handle the over emoting that comes with reality TV, it does my head in.

  6. Beki Says:

    Hahaha – the Commando’s face was a picture when he was with those women 🙂

    I felt pretty sorry for the trainers having to eat that crap – and did you see that girl putting an entire wheel of brie into her sandwich?!!! On top of the cream cheese spread!!! Oh my god, I love my brie but even that made me feel ill. Oh, oh oh and the pasta with the carbonara sauce, sour cream and normal cream plus two kinds of cheese! Seriously, how the fk does anyone eat that?

  7. sassydrcil Says:

    The question is, are you a Shannan or a Commando girl? Who would you go for?

  8. sassydrcil Says:

    I am asking that of everybody.

  9. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    LOL I didn’t know the term “big-ass salad” was global. I thought it was a southern-US thing! And yes, it’s my favorite meal!

  10. Ewen Says:

    Now we’re talking. Michelle and her new friend are a couple of sexy beasts 😉

  11. katsmumblings Says:

    I wouldn’t mind Commando training me.

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