Today was a day of annual leave, although I did have to go into the office for a couple of hours this afternoon.

I headed out early for a ride again, not quite as long as yesterday, just under 29 km in about 1:10.

After breakfast and a shower we went out and bought the iMac! So, I have spent a large part of the day getting it up and running and starting the slow old transfer process from the old PC. First stop was iTunes, so that I could get my iPad backed up and some music onto my new iPod Nano, which obviously involved transferring the iTunes library from the old PC. My old clunker of an external hard disk is pretty slow, so that took a good few hours.

Alex, all of the ingredients I listed were in the one salad, not multiples. My theory is the more ingredients, the more tastes and goodness! Here’s a picture of today’s very similar version (except I used a can of salmon rather than tuna). I agree with Em’s comment too, once you eat one of these babies you are satisfied for a while!

Monthly Summary

Running: 12 km at 5:37 min/km
Cycling: 678 km at 24.8 kms/hr
Other: 12 home workouts for 5 hours

A very low running month, but a big one on the bike. Met my goal for number of home workouts (12) but slightly behind on the time (6 hours). Overall though, the biggest month ever recorded in terms of calories burnt (just under 24,000). Also, the biggest number of hits ever in a month on this blog, so thanks for reading!

Edit: Cilla, if I was a girl, it would definitely be Commando. But as a fella, I’ll take Michelle!

3 Responses to “iMac”

  1. Carla Says:

    Your salad looks a lot like my lunch today, except that I had chicken on top! Enjoy your new computer!

  2. Eat Em Says:

    Great effort on teh bike Andrew.

    Michelle & I had low kms for running (107 for me) but we smashed the bike courtsey of our time in Adelaide – meaning a monthly total of over 1300 … about 2.5 months worth in fact.
    Thnank god for well shaped Selle SMP bike seats …..

    Hope the Imac behaves better than your old PC ..
    And good to see that the music was first priority … 🙂

    Eat Em

  3. twocatz Says:

    How good is the iMac – so easy to set up, and so user friendly. Did you go with the mobileme account? I think you can still download a free 60 day trial from the mobileme site.

    I clocked up 245k’s of running but a big fat 0 on the bike. Must try harder and get out this month.

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