Bicycle Typogram …

Every now and then you find something on the internet that you think is really cool. This is one such instance, and I know you other cyclists out there will appreciate it.

This really cool Bicycle Typogram is from the HOTAAR (Headspinningly Ostentatious Typographic & Applied Art Review) website. Click the picture above for a larger image (you need to do this to appreciate the detail, for example check out the chain) and click the link above to find out some more about the wonderful work of Aaron Kuehn.

Exercise today was the ride to and from work again, 26km all up, very hot and humid on the way home. Might do a home workout later if I can get motivated.


4 Responses to “Bicycle Typogram …”

  1. Eat Em Says:

    Looks good ….

  2. Ewen Says:

    Clever! My first 10-speed had the shifters on the downtube. Sadly, not doing R4TK. Heard heaps about it. One day.

  3. Pippa Says:

    Oh, this is SO cool, wow! Cycling and typography combined … I am about ready to sink into delirium from the combination! =)

  4. Patricia Says:

    Hello! I know it had been a while, but where did you get than awsome bike photo? I tried to look it where you say you took it but the page is not working, could you help me?

    thank you!!

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