Being anal is sometimes a pain in the arse …

Any of you that know me at all will know that I am a bit of an anal retentive. CDs and books have to be in order on the shelf, that sort of thing. Being a rainy day today, I spent a few more hours continuing the migration from the old Windows PC to the new iMac. Unfortunately, my anal retentive nature meant that hours were wasted futzing around with iPhoto and iTunes just categorising and sorting stuff out. After cleaning out the iTunes library a bit (deleting a lot of the kid’s music that was on the old computer – what is it that they like about Kanye West anyway, can anyone answer me that?), and syncing a lot of stuff to my new iPod Nano, I decided that the artist name mismatches really annoyed me, so spent ages tidying them up. You know where one album has the name “ACDC” and the next has AC/DC” that sort of thing.

The next job was to work out what stuff I had on the old computer that hadn’t been transferred, and what software I’m missing on the iMac. The only thing I decided needed to be done urgently was getting my Garmin devices (Forerunner 405 and Edge 500) working. This turned out to be a snap. The only software I reckon I need to get is some decent image editing software – can anybody recommend something that won’t cost me a fortune? I also set up the Time Machine backup software to my old clunker of an external hard disk, should do for a while.

At weigh-in this morning the weight was stable, exactly the same as last week at 71.7 kg, but with a slight drop in body fat percentage, so a pretty perfect result actually.

We headed out to do a spot of shopping and my only purchase was the latest season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, one of my favourite shows. This new season has the “Seinfeld Reunion” episodes on it which I’m looking forward to watching again.

Before dinner I headed out for a run, the first run for over three weeks or so. The first 5 or 6 km felt pretty good (the fact that it was mostly downhill probably helped), but after that I ran out of puff a bit, the run ended up being a bit over 8km at 5:35 min/km pace. Will have to knuckle down and get a bit more running in, or the R4TK will end up being a bit of a struggle.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


8 Responses to “Being anal is sometimes a pain in the arse …”

  1. kathryn Says:

    I’m like that with Itunes too but it’s worth it when you are searching for something.

  2. sassydrcil Says:

    Kanye West is brilliant. Everybody knows that. Get with the program 😛

  3. Ewen Says:

    No Andrew, I can’t answer you that. Nice km rate on the run — I’m rarely going that quickly. Swap a few bike sessions for run sessions would be my tip for R4TK.

  4. Beki Says:

    Andy gets incredibly frustrated with me as I put all the CD’s back in whatever empty case I find 🙂

  5. twocatz Says:

    Depends on what you want to edit? If you want changes picture sizes etc you can do that in preview, there are a number of graphic apps in the mac store too. iPhotos is good for editing your own photos, but if you want to go the next level and get serious then try a free trial of Aperture. Most mac software comes with a 30 day trial.

    Have a go at this –

  6. Em Says:

    Kanye, meh, I liked Gold Digger and maybe a couple of others I don’t like enough to remember the name of but he doesn’t flip my skirt. His latest was much hyped but I just though it was a pile of garbage. He comes across as a bit of a self aggrandising twit to me.

    I know what you mean about being AR, it is all I can do to not correct the spelling on e-mails people send me before I reply.

  7. Pippa Says:

    Ah Andrew, having just spent several hours at the office last week putting file names into a uniform format, consider me a fellow AR creature!

  8. JH Says:

    You might get some interesting traffic with a title like that.

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