If you have a need to synchronise files between multiple devices, then you should give Dropbox a try. It is a free service for up to 2Gb of storage and incredibly easy to use. Just install the client on whatever device you need and then the nominated folder is automatically synchronised between devices. I have it installed on my iPad, iMac and work Windows laptop. It also integrates nicely with some of the iPad apps I have like Noterize and DocsToGo.

Just the ride to and from work again today (about 26km) in the Training Journal, again both enjoyable rides. I had company for the first half of the ride this morning as I left at the same time as a neighbour who also bikes to work.

After the ride home I still was feeling a bit of the work stress, and didn’t feel up to a run, so chose the next best thing, a little bit of a romp in the back yard with my littlest bundle of joy and her soccer ball.


3 Responses to “Dropbox”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    I took my doggy for a run. I bent over to empty my shoes of little pebbles and the dog barked at me as if to say “hurry up, human!!!”

  2. twocatz Says:

    I think I have solved your spam comments issue. It looks as if its related to Akismet upgrades. Akismet is the spam software that WordPress use to try and stop the bots from filling up your comments with rubbish.

    With the self hosted WordPress version you get to see when the upgrades are being done. After every upgrade I find your comments in the spam folder, once they have been approved all is OK until the next upgrade.

  3. Em Says:

    Never get tired of pictures of Jackie, so cute!

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