Dug …

Yes, all the digging is done, finished up the excavation work, and after two trips to Bunnings, the wooden frame to contain the concrete slab is complete, and fixed in place all nice and square and level. Crushed rock base is laid and compacted. Considering i didn’t really know what i was doing, the result is not too bad. Concrete pour will be planned for next weekend.

I have sore abs though. I think this is from excessive use of the garden sieve. I was trying to reclaim some of the earth I was excavating to top dress a low corner of our lawn which has been subject to minor flooding recently. The action of picking up and shaking side to side the sieve, with a couple of shovels full of dirt in it, is a solid ab workout.

I have a bit of a sore back too, I think from the digging, and a lot of bending, but I think it is just because I’m not used to what I’ve been doing, nothing to worry about.

An absolutely gorgeous 27km ride tonight down to Strathmore and back before dinner. The weather was stunning, and the wind considerate enough to be blowing in my direction on the way home. Then I did a nice job of cooking some delicious porterhouse steaks on the BBQ (even if I do say so myself).


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