Only three?

Only three? That was a common response to yesterday’s post on three weaknesses, and I have to say that after reading your responses I realise that if I was being honest, the post title should have been more like “Eight weaknesses”. This is because, as I read your responses, I was reminded of many of my other weaknesses that I hadn’t listed.

  • Like Cilla, Alex and Kath I have to add wine, with my favorite definitely a good shiraz.
  • Like John, Alex and Carla I have to add beer, with my favourite being a good dark ale. The hardest times this month (off alcohol for Febfast) have been not having a beer in hand when cooking at the BBQ. I have surprised myself by missing this more than the red wine.
  • Like Rachel, I have to add licorice.
  • Like Em, I have to add gelato.
  • Like Cilla, I have to add cheese, with a sharp, crumbly cheddar, or a good Brie topping the list.

So, as I said, eight weaknesses, and like Em said, good job I am a consistent exerciser.

I got up nice and early in order to ride to work and meet Deb to go for a ride with her before work. Leaving home at 6am, I realized I had miscalculated a bit, in that it was still virtually dark. I have lights on my bike and helmet, but they are small lights to make me visible to others. I have no lights strong enough to really show me the road ahead. Leaving slightly late, so needing to not dilly-dally, and really needing to go the shortest route which is along the busy road, made it an even more interesting proposition. As did the fact that I haven’t ridden in the real darkness since I was a teenager (a long time ago). But I made it safe and sound, and headed out for the ride with Deb, who fortunately had only been waiting for me for a couple of minutes when I got there.

The interesting ride continued as the humid conditions caused my glasses to steam up, so I road most of the ride without my glasses. But again, arrived back at work safe and sound. A little late though, so I had to do my 8am meeting in my bike gear, but fortunately it was a teleconference and not a face-to-face meeting. Including the ride home from work, a little over 2 hours on the bike for about 48km distance.

After dinner I did about an hour in the garden, digging out some more dirt in preparation for the concreting on the weekend. Tired now!


2 Responses to “Only three?”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    And now let’s turn weaknesses into strengths! 😀

    – dark chocolate: contains antioxidants, helps to prevent heart attack

    – ice cream: has a high nutritional value, provided by the ingredients of milk (amino acids, vitamins A, B, D, E, K, minerals like magnesium, calcium, calium, phosphor)

    – mints: at least good for your breath, and in case it contains real peppermint oil, mints also help with stomach cramps and headaches

    – red wine: has positive effects on the cardiovascular system, helps to prevent certain kinds of cancer

    – beer: helps to prevents heart attack (due to its vitamin B content)

    – licorice: helps with infections and inflammations

    – gelato: see ice cream

    – cheese: contains valuable protein and calcium

    Enjoy! 😉

  2. Em Says:

    How could I forget cheese?!

    I’ve not been drinking this month either, not a feb fast, just a indulged too much over Xmas fast. But I really would like a nice glass of pinot or a vodka lime and soda.

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