vTdF – Stage 5 – Completed

Virtual Tour de France – Stage 5 – Epernay to Montargis – 187.5km

This year one of my bike goals is to complete a “virtual Tour de France”. That is, to complete the same number of kilometres as the 2010 TdF riders did (3,641.9km) before the 2011 TdF completes on the 25th of July. These posts track my progress as I “complete each stage”.

The Course: This stage takes the peleton through the rolling French countryside south-east of Paris. There are a couple of small category 4 climbs in the first hour, but then a pretty flat day. Some narrow back streets just before the finish could pose a problem.

The Race: The speed of Aussie rider Mark Renshaw, as the HTC Columbia lead-out man for English sprinter Mark Cavendish was the key factor in the finishing bunch sprint. The first win for Cavendish this Tour,  but would not be the last by any means.

vTdF Status: 987.4km completed, target completion date for this stage was February 25th, so 6 days ahead of schedule.


4 Responses to “vTdF – Stage 5 – Completed”

  1. Joob Says:

    Hey! I got your feed back and your comment! Both went to spam… which is stupid. I think I fixed it so it won’t do that anymore (or so I sincerely hope so).

    My father is a road cyclist!!! I am awful at endurance athletics but his experiences fascinate me to no end… he started riding a little over ten years ago and just gets better and better as he gets older :). This last year he finally surpassed his goal of 4,000 mi in a calendar year (I believe that’s about 6500ish km?).

    I think you can totally meet your goal, especially if you are already ahead of schedule and it is only February! It isn’t even peak cycling season yet!

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Whee, this is an awesome plan! 😀

  3. Em Says:

    Mmmmark Cavendish

    Sorry, what were you talking about?

  4. Pippa Says:

    Behind again on my blog reading and commenting =) but I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on another stage completed, Andrew! (And by this time, another 1,000 km under your belt.)

    I’ve been lagging this past week (my dad’s back in hospital but that shouldn’t be an excuse) so I know you will pass me pretty soon if I don’t get my butt in gear! Which, come to think of it, said butt is going to do this very day…

    Wave as you pass, OK? =)

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