I got out for an early bike ride this morning, which is unusual for me on a Saturday morning. I decided to ride the Wildwood loop, a ride I’ve done quite a few times before. It is country roads that are only a few kilometres from home.

Here’s a picture of my trusty steed I took this morning. John, in answer to your question, no I have never had to replace my bike seat.

This picture is looking south down Wildwood Road. As you can see, it is quiet country roads. You usually see as many cyclists as you do cars, as it is a popular route due to the nice challenging hills. At this point of this mornings ride it was just me and the cows.

This is the start of the second “climb” along the course, at about the 33km mark. It is only about 1km, but reaches 9-10% gradient so you do feel it. Of course, the flip side to the two climbs, is that are also some nice, fast descents too. Anyway, it was a great way to start off the weekend, 42km in about one and three quarter hours.

After that I did the second coat of paint on Chris’ bedroom window that I started last night. He is away this weekend so we thought it would be good to get it done so he doesn’t have to put up with the paint fumes.

Shopping at Lamanna again this morning – I really do like that place. Everyone is so friendly. Not the cheapest place, but good quality food.

Then back home and back out to work. Todays job was to get the small paving job done. It’s done, and I’ve decided I’d better not look for a career as a layer of pavers. However, it is only a small strip for our rubbish bins to sit on, so it will have to do!

Then I started some carpentry (another thing I can’t claim to be much good at), making a new door frame and door for our under-house access door. This will continue tomorrow.

A short (only 15 minutes I’m afraid) home workout tonight. It was again mainly stretching and massage with a few core exercises thrown in.

Rachael, I don’t know a lot about mountain bikes. All I know is I don’t want one with lots of fancy suspension and stuff, I think it is too hard to maintain. The other thing I know is that I want a red one!

Ewen, I have only had one bad fall on that bike. I had gone off the concrete bike path near home to avoid some maintenance works and when I tried to get back on I misjudged the height of the edge of the path and the front wheel caught and I came down heavily on my shoulder. Nothing broken, and no major damage to the bike. On top of that I have had a few minor “cleat-related” falls but most of those have hurt nothing but my pride.


8 Responses to “Wildwood”

  1. Beki Says:

    Ah yes cleat-related falls. Great fun πŸ™‚

    Looks like a lovely place to ride. If I was back in Melbs I would certainly dust my bike off and hit the roads.

  2. Karen Says:

    Beautiful but riding on roads scares me! I have had several stupid falls, like while waiting to cross at a light and shifting my weight the wrong way. But my only bad spill was while riding in the rain and my bike just did a sideways slide with me still on it. No riding on wet paths for me anymore!

  3. Pippa Says:

    Wow, what a productive day! Especially with such a nice start to it. (Just gotta fall in love with a name like Wildwood!) And how nice to see photos – your landscape looks a lot like ours, though it’s less hilly here around Pretoria.

    Did 27km today, with the strong suspicion – especially now that I’ve read this post – that you’ve probably overtaken me in the vTdF by now. I’ll keep on peddling, though, mwahaha! Have a good rest of the weekend, Andrew. =)

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Those roads look awfully narrow! I hope the motorists are all well aware to take care for cyclists, one in particular. πŸ™‚

    I’m taking a painting break now. It’s not going well, but on the bright side, my mother’s not here to threaten to wash my mouth out with soap. πŸ™‚

  5. Em Says:

    I am slightly embarrassed to say that I probably spend the same to feed two people each week that a family of four might spend, life is too short for crap food!

  6. Tish Says:

    Andrew, I loved reading about your bike and biking in the past couple of posts. I got a new bike (a road bike) a few weeks ago and am hoping our weather gets a little nicer so I can get out more regularly.

  7. Eat Em Says:

    That looks like a great ride Andrew.
    I think the weather for riding was the best for a Saturday we have had in many months. Michelle & I made teh most of it and did 150kms – now we both have ‘bike butt’ .. lol

    Are you doing eth Mt Buller ride in March – it is the week before Ocean Rd & Otwat Classic ?

    Eat Em

  8. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    What a beautiful track! I imagine having a ride there is a perfect start into the day.

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