A rainy Sunday …

When I awoke this morning to the sound of rain, I was glad I’d gone for my early ride yesterday. It rained pretty much all morning, so most outside jobs were out of the question, so I decided to start on the biggest job of them all – tidying up the garage!

I’d bought myself a couple of those plastic organizer boxes the other day to sort out all my nails, screws, nuts & bolts etc which are all over the place. I grabbed the first couple boxes of nails to put into the organizer, and after spending a few minutes sorting the first box out so that the sharp ends all pointed the right way, I figured I had better turn down the OCD levels, or I would be there all day.

A bit of painting that could be done in the garage followed (the new doorframe and door mentioned yesterday), and that was the end of the jobs for the day.

Adrienne and I decided to go out and do some shopping and have lunch. Dan Murphy’s was the first stop, to buy some beer. I have got to be prepared for March 1st, after all. I also picked up the Outnumbered Series 3 DVD at JB HiFi. If you haven’t seen that brilliant British comedy, you should!

I did manage to get out for a bike ride late afternoon, 23 km at just under 28 km/hr, and another short home workout this evening.

I forgot to mention on yesterday’s post that I had lost another 600g at yesterday’s weekly weigh-in. At 70.3kg I’m very close to the bottom of my 70-75kg target weight range, so am going to try and go up a bit this week, the muffins and ice cream I’ve had tonight should help!


2 Responses to “A rainy Sunday …”

  1. Pippa Says:

    LOL at turning down the OCD levels, Andrew! You’re in good company!

    I have to say, your energy amazes me. One day when I’m all growed up, I want that, too.

  2. twocatz Says:

    Good win for your lot against Liverpool today. Hopefully WBA won’t pick up any points at Stoke tonight. I am thinking (and wishing) Wigan, WBA and Blackpool (they looked terrible against us on the weekend) for the drop.

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