A hot and rainy Sunday …

I headed out for another ride early this morning. It was still pretty hot (24 celsius or 75 fahrenheit) and humid, even at 7am. The wind was pretty blowy too, so it made for a challenging ride. I headed out to do the Wildwood loop, with the intention of adding in some repeats of the hills. However, on the first climb I spotted another rider a bit further up the road and decided to see if I could catch him, instead of doing the repeats. A little past the top of the climb I did catch him, a rider called Gary, who was out with a bunch but had been dropped by them earlier. I never did see his companions, but rode with him for about 30km. It was nice to have company, I’m glad I chose to chase him down rather than do the hill repeats. I added on a bit to the end of the loop by going through Melbourne Airport and back up the bike path from work, all in all just over 63km in 2:43.

Not much else to report for today, it has been unpleasantly humid all day, even with heavy rain since lunch time, the humidity and heat is still unpleasant. Just been watching the WNBL Grand Final, great to see Bulleen led by an excellent game MVP effort from Sharin Milner, able to beat Canberra.


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