Holiday Monday

A public holiday here in Melbourne, so very nice not to have to go to work. I did head out for a ride this morning after breakfast, but it was later and shorter (26km) than the previous two days. The depressing thought, or maybe I should say challenging thought (because it doesn’t really depress me), is that I’ve done 50+63+26=139km over 3 days this long weekend, but that is still 6km short of what I’ll be doing in one ride on Saturday week in the Great Ocean Otway Classic.

An assortment of jobs today, including very carefully (so as not to injure him) relocating this lovely little fellow from the clothesline, back to the bush we’d spotted him in earlier in the week. He’s quite a pretty little fellow, but not the company Adrienne wanted when hanging out the washing. He’d done a pretty good job of spreading web all over the clothesline too.

Other jobs included some painting preparation on the back laundry door, painting the new pipes where Chris connected up our new water tank, a trip to BBQs Galore at Highpoint to buy a new flame retarder for the BBQ, and then (the worst job in the world) giving the BBQ a decent clean.


6 Responses to “Holiday Monday”

  1. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Perhaps one more easy ride and then the rest of the week off. Be fresh for GORC!

  2. Sharon in Melbourne Says:

    really love that you gently move the spider rather than kill it 🙂 We have a no squash or spray rule in our house and I am the designated spider mover of the family. I am unfortunately still petrified of them though and have one exactly the same as this outside our back doot. Thankfully he is not in way so can happily live there as long as he likes.

    Looking forward to your post about next weekend

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    The little spider may really *be* your friend now, after removing it so carefully. 🙂 And, despite all the cleaning, at least the BBQ season *is* to come now! (I’m looking forward to it!) However, at your place it might have been there for longer, already.

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    At the risk of outing myself as an insect wuss–Ick! *shiver*

  5. Ewen Says:

    Andrew, you’ll be “right on the day” I’m sure. Cycling’s a little more forgiving than running in that regard, although there’s a saying that one can survive 3 times average daily distance in running… so a weekly average of 14k a day means one would survive a marathon 🙂

  6. Em Says:

    I’ve had one of those take up residence in my clothes line too but I just resorted to the clothes horse, he seems to have move on now, we don’t kill critters in this house either.

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