Great Ocean Otway Classic 2011

The Great Ocean Road is definitely one of the most spectacular pieces of our country and is a great venue for a bike ride.

My work colleague and riding partner Deb (and her Dad and his friend) were driving down from Melbourne this morning and were late arriving. By the time we got to the start line we’d missed the majority of the 145km riders and the 60km riders were lining up in the starting chute. Fortunately, we were waved through and started off just in front of the sag wagon. This slowed us considerably as there were no decent packs to jump on, and we spent a lot of time passing slower riders.

After the first half an hour or so, the drizzly rain set in, and stayed with us for the first 90km of the ride. This slowed us down too, as the drizzle really decreases visibility, especially for those of us that wear eyeglasses. The light jacket I bought last week was fantastic though, a real life-saver – I was glad to be dry in the upper half anyway.

We chose to only take very brief stops at the first three refreshment stations in the hope of catching some of the riders more to our speed. This worked, but only to a degree, we got on a few packs but only small ones, and didn’t really make up much time.

The major climb from Dean’s Marsh to Benwerrin went smoothly and without too much suffering, and then the descent down into Lorne was a rest time gratefully received. Again though, it was much slower than last year as it was a little treacherous with wet roads so you had to ride a lot more carefully.

Deb and I lost her dad and Kevin, and learnt later they chose not to stop in Lorne. Deb and I stopped for a well-deserved coffee and something to eat. The short rest, and the caffiene worked a treat and we were soon ready to tackle the Great Ocean Road.

This is a beautiful road, but it is a challenging, undulating ride, and I have to say my quads and calves were starting to complain to me a little and we still had 40km to go. Again, we chose to only take short breaks at Airey’s Inlet and Anglesea, pressing on to the finish in a time of 5 hours and 50 minutes, 12 minutes slower than last year, but not bad considering the circumstances.

Happy to get through the ride with no real mechanical difficulties (other than Deb’s chain coming off once and both of us having to scrape mud out of cleats once or twice).

Here are the route, Garmin data and elevation profile from the ride.

So, in all, despite some trying conditions, a very enjoyable ride in a beautiful part of our wonderful country, with great company and wonderful event organisation again by Supersprint.

Deb and I – very glad to be finished!


8 Responses to “Great Ocean Otway Classic 2011”

  1. katsmumblings Says:

    Well done Andrew.

  2. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Nice work.

  3. morseyruns Says:

    That looks fantastic- I am sure last year I thought I should do it this year, but I swear next year…………. Both you and Deb just look so FIT!

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Kudos, Andrew! You’re looking fit and fab!

  5. offthelongrun Says:

    Well done mate – great effort both of you

  6. JH Says:

    Well done Andrew.

  7. Ewen Says:

    Good on you Andrew. Spectacular scenery. 24.7 ks an hour is nice riding over that course and distance.

  8. Bill Wallace Says:

    Hi Andrew, nice ride. Love the Great Ocean Road. Looks like a great event. I must get out more often.


    P.s. Nice last gasp win by the Cats!!! 🙂

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