About 7 years ago I took a test called Strengthsfinder. It is a web based question process that identifies your top 5 strengths (from a list of 34 themes). Recently I retook it and was pleased to see that the majority (4 out of 5) were the same.

Here’s my five Strength themes, I think they sound like me, what do you reckon?


People with the Input theme have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.

During conversations, you might be the person who simplifies complicated details. Maybe you help individuals better understand intricate procedures, theories, regulations, or plans. Perhaps your “need to know” is rarely satisfied. Chances are good that you sometimes move in and out of thought-provoking conversations with grace. You might delve into certain topics and explore the frontiers of particular ideas. Perhaps the animated give-and-take you enjoy occurs when you are in the company of specific individuals. You might be a bit happier if you were to meet people who share your need to talk about theories and concepts rather than be concerned with gossip or practical matters. It’s very likely that you may insert intricate or theoretical words into your academic or professional conversations and writings. Your interest in language partially explains why you enjoy mastering specific types of words and their definitions. While some individuals are required to memorize new terms in classes or seminars, perhaps you automatically commit specific words to memory.


People with the Adaptability theme prefer to “go with the flow.” They tend to be “now” people who take things as they come and discover the future one day at a time.

You may appreciate people who are not worrywarts. You might work better with individuals who avoid fretting over unimportant details. These people might approach everyday situations or crises with an inner calmness that frees you to modify plans, rules, processes, or assignments. It’s very likely that you are quite comfortable letting the day’s events and people’s demands determine what really deserves your attention. Instinctively, you may prefer to work independently. Perhaps you contend with the day’s events as they unfold when you have only your own work, studies, resources, or time to manage. Once in a while, you like to make decisions and act on them without being required to seek and receive the approval of someone else.


People with the Relator theme enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.

Instinctively, you may enjoy helping people by performing tasks they dislike or do not have time to complete. Perhaps this is one way you keep yourself busy and make their lives less burdensome. By nature, you may realize that each individual’s interests, background, motivations, desires, fears, and work style are different. Perhaps you strive to honor everyone’s unique qualities and preferences. Understanding the ambitions of particular people might give you insights into the type of support, training, experiences, partnerships, or nurturing each person needs to thrive. It’s very likely that you sometimes notice that people you know seek you out. They might ask for your viewpoint or position on specific issues. Chances are good that you sometimes identify with people who share their ambitions, hopes, or intentions with you. Because of your strengths, you may do some of your best work when you can bring your expertise to a particular enterprise — that is, undertaking. Perhaps you like activities that keep you busy from start to finish.


People with the Responsibility theme take psychological ownership of what they say they will do. They are committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.

Instinctively, you enjoy doing whatever is needed to assist people. Perhaps you have a reputation for keeping your promises. This partially explains why some individuals agree to let you help them. Because of your strengths, you sometimes volunteer to do things rather than wait to be asked to assume more duties. By nature, you may be exact about certain things you do or how you do them. Perhaps you follow your conscience when you need to distinguish right from wrong or excellence from mediocrity. Chances are good that you may sometimes stand out as notably mature. In certain situations, you make a point of being exceptionally reasonable in your thinking. Perhaps these two qualities distinguish you from some of your peers or friends. Driven by your talents, you may enjoy hearing people describe you as more serious than some of your colleagues, classmates, teammates, friends, or coworkers.


People with the Intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.

It’s very likely that you try to collect straightforward and precise words. Sometimes your enthusiasm for language causes you to expand your vocabulary. You might like to talk or write about philosophies, ideas, or theories that have not been proved or plans that have not been put into practice yet. Acquiring sophisticated terminology may be play for you, not work. Perhaps an unexpected chance to use these words in real life gives you satisfaction. Instinctively, you enjoy reading as long as you can savor each sentence and consider each idea. Your goal is to comprehend everything you read. It makes no sense to you to rush through books, magazine or newspaper articles, Internet sites, or other forms of written material just to say you finished them. Chances are good that you show some signs of wanting to acquire new knowledge or skills in particular areas of interest. Perhaps you rely on conversations with a few intelligent people to complement — that is, complete — what you have already gained through classes or reading. Because of your strengths, you need uninterrupted quiet time to be alone with your thoughts. Seldom do you automatically accept all the ideas of someone who has authored a book, been interviewed by the media, or been invited to address an audience. Instead, you scrutinize the theories and concepts of writers, speakers, and philosophers. You probably are a critical thinker.


4 Responses to “Strengths”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I love stuff like this! 😀 (I’m a psychology major, and personality psychology and diagnostics are two of my favorite subjects. ;))

    It looks like we have a lot in common, because I’m very sure I’d also gotten Input, Intellection, and Responsibility. I’m rather individualistic and introvert, though, and prefer doing things on my own and my own way instead of going with the stream. I also like working alone, but I value deep relationships with people I really love very highly.

  2. acuriouspursuit Says:

    Those are some pretty awesome strengths to have, I bet describing them on job interviews would prove you as an asset. Have you ever taken the MBTI? You might like that … Oh, and hello by the way :).

  3. Carla Says:

    I love tests like these! I would definitely be an input person. I am always trying to learn more. The others I’m not sure about!

  4. Ewen Says:

    Interesting Andrew. As I’ve never met you, I’ll have to take your word for it 😉 If the test shows weakness themes my #1 would be a sweet tooth.

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