Moving in March and GOOC photos …

An 8.8km run at 5:20 min/km pace tonight and a short home workout rounded out the month of March, and marks a successful end to Cilla’s “Moving in March” challenge (the challenge was to exercise every day during March).

The monthly wrap up is as follows;

Run: 7 runs for 54km, average pace 5:39 min/km (YTD 96km, 5:44 min/km)
Bike: 16 rides for 580km, average speed 24.1 km/hr (YTD 1775km, 24.2 km/hr)
Home workout: 17 workouts for 6.1 hours (YTD 44 workouts for 16.7 hours)
Total exercise: 35.7 hours for 24,368 calories (YTD 99.9 hours for 68,369 calories)

So, “Moving in March” drove a fairly big, month for me, the first time I’ve ever logged over 24,000 kCal in a month in my training journal. So, thanks for the challenge Cilla.

I repeat my mantra’s to you – “Consistency is key” and “Sweat=Bliss” – combine those two and you can’t go wrong.

Now to finish off today’s post here are some photo’s from last Saturday’s Great Ocean Otway Classic bike ride.


7 Responses to “Moving in March and GOOC photos …”

  1. Cilla Says:


  2. Carla Says:

    Awesome pictures!!! I am sitting here on my lunch break on the other side of the world and reading your blog and enjoying a nice big veggie and chicken salad. I love your two mottos, they are so true!

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Wow, you’re such great inspiration! I have to work on consistency a lot, in different regards. It’s good for me if there are people like you who kindly remind me of doing something good for myself and getting enough exercize everyday, by just living it, because I tend to forget. I’d love to get into some kind of regular exercize as well because I sit around so much, and I want to make that step this year. Why not start right now? (This idea just came to me … I tend to delay so much.)

    Your pictures are wonderful! Love them all! 😀

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    You rocked this month, Andrew! Plus, you got lots of stuff done around the house. 🙂

  5. Ewen Says:

    Isn’t that a bit soft — wearing a waterproof jacket on top?

    What’s that thing on your helmet? A mini camera?

    • ajh Says:

      Soft, possibly, but nice and warm and dry, and I took it off when the rain stopped!

      No, not a camera, it is just a little flashing light, flashed white at the front and red at the back. Just a little extra visibility when in the dusk or dark, every little bit helps.

  6. The White Elephant Says, “Thank You!” | My Funny Little Life Says:

    […] Andrew (ajhblog) – At first, I did not think we had so much in common: You love to ride your bike and go for a good run, while I am not into exercizing at all (so far at least – I want to change that). But I was wrong, there are a lot of things we share: Being thoughtful about how we live our lives, and trying to be kind to the people who live with us. I am truly happy that I have “met” you (on the internet), and you have become quite a role model for me! I really, really want to get into exercize like you did (perhaps not that much, but a little at least!) and I must admit that I truly admire what you have achieved! […]

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