Saturday stuff …

Weigh-in this morning saw me 900g up on last week, at 71.6kg, but still well within the target range.

I wanted to visit the camera stores in the city to purchase a camera bag, so we decided to park near the Victoria Market. We haven’t been to the market for a while now, so the first job was to go and see my nice Rewine fellow (Rewine are a wine seller who refill the bottles you take back, their wine is very good and not very expensive). I purchased a Lowepro bag, which was $20 cheaper at Camera House than it was at Ted’s. Beats me how shops think they can get away with being so much dearer than a shop that is only a few doors down the road?

Here’s a nice photo of the most photogenic member of our family!

Usually it would be hard to take a photo like this, as Jackie is usually moving around outside, but at the moment she is spending a lot of time like this. Here, she is perched on our outside table on our deck, staring at our barbeque. The reason for this is we’ve had a little field mouse visiting, and she is becoming a little obsessed with making sure he is not returning. When she’s not staring at the barbeque, she’s sniffing around it, jumping up at it, generally being a pain.

A little bit of work out in the garden this afternoon, including cutting back one of our climbing plants that has a tendency to attack next doors garage and gutters if we don’t keep it under control. Also mowed the lawns.

Then Adrienne and I took the dog for a walk up at Gellibrand Hill. Here’s another photo of some old ruins that are in the park.

I headed out for a short, easy bike ride late evening just to keep the legs moving, and did a short home workout after dinner which was mainly stretching, core work and massage with the foam roller.

6 Responses to “Saturday stuff …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I guess the weight gain comes from the carb-load. If I eat a whole bunch of carbs (sweet stuff, but especially salty) at a time, I usually weigh a kilo or so more the next day. Somehow, the carbs seem to cause or at least foster water retention, but it usually goes away after two days of eating well again.

    Jackie is so cute! Love the picture of her! Does the try to snatch away your tuna steaks when you’re barbecuing? πŸ˜€

    Also, the idea of you fighting the climbing plants made me smile. My parents have an ivy on their house, and it’s always a lot of work to cut it back because it feels so comfortable that it likes to conquer the whole house. πŸ™‚

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    Want to swing by and mow my lawn too? πŸ™‚

  3. Karen@WaistingTime Says:


  4. Ewen Says:

    Good shot of Jackie — the new camera is paying off already.

    Love the Victoria Markets. Always pay a visit when we’re down there. Great buy with the camera bag.

  5. Sharon Says:

    That’s a great photo πŸ™‚

    • Sharon Says:

      oops I meant the furry family photo – the one of the ruins is good too though… I don’t know where Gellibrand Hill is but I am determined to start getting out and discovering more of Victoria before it’s time to move on

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