Run For The Kids 2011

Well, another Run For The Kids event is over. The very first Run For The Kids was my first ever “fun run” in 2006, so it is an event I have on my “do every year” list. For those of you outside Melbourne, it is the biggest run in Melbourne and is run annually to benefit the Royal Children’s Hospital. This year there were 30,000 people participating across both events (5km and 14.38km).

The 14.38km event is a little special because you get to run through one of the cities main tunnels and over one of the two large bridges, with these closed to traffic obviously.

Up early, and picked up Alex and Cilla on the way and parked at the RACV Club in the city. We walked down to the Gazebo, the usual meeting place, where we met John. There seemed to be even more people this year than last year, and when we headed down towards the start area, the whole of Alexandra Avenue was covered in a sea of people for what looked like kilometres.

John (5130) and I (514), preparing to enter the throng.

The start was the traditional 15 minutes late, and the first kilometre or so was very much “go with the flow” due to the number of people, and then the sharp hairpin into the Domain Tunnel was a slow point as usual. The air in the tunnel is always warm and close, and I begin to doubt my strategy of wearing my long Skins.

Into the Domain Tunnel.

As we exited the tunnel, it was very sunny and I think that was the time (about the 3km mark) where I knew it was going to be a very hard run.

Alex and I had decided we were running this together, so I think we both felt we had to push to not let the other one down. We decided to walk through the drink stations, and also walked up the Bolte Bridge a bit too.

Going over the Bolte Bridge.

I have to say as we came down off the Bolte Bridge and headed around towards Docklands, I was starting to hurt a bit, and looking forward to the drink stations very much. We walked again a bit up the Collins St hill, which is the hardest on the course I reckon. I laughed at the spectator who had the big sign reading “Last Bastard Hill”.

Coming along Flinders St towards the home stretch I started to feel a bit of a twinge in my groin and briefly stopped to walk, but it didn’t really hurt any less walking so decided to just HTFU and run it out to the finish line.

So how did I do? Well, I think the honest answer to that is “about as well as I deserved to, given the training effort I have put in recently”. I just checked my training journal, and the last time I ran 14km was this event last year. I’ve averaged only 32km per month running this year, with the average distance being about 7.5km. Is it any wonder I started to struggle at about the 8km mark today? Not really.

I said yesterday that I hoped to get under my personal worst pace for this event (which was 5:51 min/km). I managed to do that, but only just with an average pace of 5:49 min/km.

Please ignore the “Best pace” above, I can assure you that at no stage today was I running at 7 secs/km. I think this is spurious data caused by losing the satellite signal when running through the tunnel.

After the race the Gatorade and grapes in the recovery area were very welcome. The legs felt really sore, but seem to be recovering quickly now. Alex and I headed up to Transport and had a couple of Guiness each, which really went down well. Later Cilla and her husband joined us, and there were a few other Coolrunners present as well, including the amazing Tony (Tiger Boy) who managed another amazing run today of a little over an hour.

So, a great day, with good company from Alex during the run the only thing that got me through I think. Also, all the photos are courtesy of Alex too – so thanks for that!

Where to from here? I have to say that whilst out on the course today I did say to Alex that maybe I should be downgrading my half-marathon entry to the 10km for Run Melbourne in July. But thinking about it now, and sorry for using this term twice in one post, I think I should just HTFU and do some actual training for it!


11 Responses to “Run For The Kids 2011”

  1. offthelongrun Says:

    Mate – don’t be too hard on yourself; today was tough – it was warm and it’s not an easy run. Maybe a twice weekly run is in order -although no talking. Thanks heaps for the company.

  2. JH Says:

    Any idea what the point of the channel 7 drink station was? It was less than a km after the previous one. And what were we supposed to do with the sweat bands? Keep them as a souvenir? Half of them seemed to get chucked on the road.

  3. Pure Profundity Says:

    Congratulations, you did a great job!
    Ran today myself too, was a great experience.
    Have a good one.

  4. sassydrcil Says:

    You said it yourself – HTFU and train. You can do it!

  5. katsmumblings Says:

    Well at least you ran! Re the half at Run Melbourne – see how the training goes. If you have done enough run the half. If not, downgrade – there is no point not enjoying yourself or worse, getting injured.

  6. twocatz Says:

    You can do it, a few weeks of consistent training will see you right

  7. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Hats off! 😀

  8. Ewen Says:

    Sounds like a ‘must do one day’ fun run. Yes, you haven’t been running much, so the running muscles would be protesting. Not bad though.

  9. sassydrcil Says:

    check out the quads on the chick in front of you – phwoar!

  10. Pippa Says:

    Facing SOOO many people is my real challenge when it comes to participating in such events. A double cheer for you, Andrew, WHOOHOO!

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