Half Marathon plan

Well, I think I’ve chosen my Half Marathon training plan. It is from the US Runners World site, and is a 12 week plan, which fortunately is exactly how long there is until the Run Melbourne Half Marathon. So, the plan starts next week.

This will be the first time I have ever even tried to stick to a structured training plan so it will be very interesting to see how I go. The structure of the plan looks like this;

  • Monday – Rest / cross train
  • Tuesday – 15 minute warm-up run followed by some sort of fartlek or interval run
  • Wednesday – Rest / cross-train
  • Thursday – Short relaxed run (5-12 km)
  • Friday – Rest / cross-train
  • Saturday – mixture of easy / hills / tempo run (5-10 km)
  • Sunday – long run (13 – 21 km)

I’ll use the rest / cross-train days to have an easy bike ride and do my home workouts.

This will be my fourth half-marathon, but I haven’t run one since 2008. My running volumes have been very low for the last few years, so I’m not expecting this to be easy.

Goals? Well, my PB is 1:45:35 (4:55 min/km pace) so the ultimate goal would be to beat that, but I’ll be happy to finish in one piece inside my personal worst time of 1:58:00 (5:36 min/km).

I also think that this plan is going to cause me Tour de France trouble, both virtual and real. Obviously adopting this plan is going to reduce my time on the bike, most likely causing me to miss my virtual Tour de France goal. But, I can live with that, I think the Half Marathon is a more challenging goal. With the real Tour de France running July 2nd to July 24th, and the Run Melbourne on July 17th, I also can’t see myself sitting up until 2am watching the race either, I will need my sleep around then me thinks. Oh well, I will have to make do with the SBS 30 minute recap shows and the DVD. And I guess with three rest / cross training days, I can afford to watch some stages, I’ll just need to be selective.

Today, just a 30-minute home workout.


7 Responses to “Half Marathon plan”

  1. Em Says:

    Naaa, that’s OK, you’ll start tapering around a week and half before the 17th, you can still watch Le Tour, just early to bed two nights before and the night before.

    I think you’ll enjoy following the plan, a bit of structure will do your running the world of good and it’s great you have the bike, it will be good XT, you can use it in lieu of a recovery run.

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Ah, I know the problem with competing goals! Well, you can’t tear yourself into halves! Maybe it would be fine to simply adjust the VTdF goal and grant yourself more time to finish it?

    Nice plan! Way too much for me by now ;), but I always find it interesting to see how sensible high-level training looks like!

  3. JH Says:

    Too many rest days!!! (just kidding, assuming it’s the same one as Alex, it should be fine)

  4. twocatz Says:

    I reckon you will enjoy the structure of the plan. I find it’s so much easier to know what your going to do each day without having to think “what should I do today” as you are pulling on your runners at some ungodly hour of the morning.

    On the XT days ride the bike in a fairly low gear and keep the cadence high, your legs will love you for it.

  5. Pippa Says:

    Aww, you’re giving me time to catch up on the virtual Tour de France? What a SWEETIE you are, Andrew! 😉

    Seriously though, that looks like quite an intense focus you’ve got going for the half-marathon – all the best with the training. Make us (and yourself) proud!

    (And today is the day: I finally got back on the bike! But I figure your yellow jersey is safe for another couple of months, though. I’m only starting Stage 8 NOW.)

  6. cilla Says:

    well done! This is a good plan!
    slowly up your distance and you should not even notice it – you could run 14km with not many worries on sunday.

  7. Ewen Says:

    The PB (under 1:45) looks doable off that plan. Finish the virtual tour another time. Ease into it and you’ll be fine — it’s a lot more running than you’ve been doing!

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