Good Friday

Happy Easter everyone!

No post, or exercise yesterday, it was another very busy day. After getting home from work it was painting until midnight! Mainly ceilings and bathroom walls, and it wasn’t even my house!

Today we went down to Geelong. We picked up Adrienne’s mum and took her over to my mum and dad’s for lunch. We took down fish and cooked lunch, Adrienne did some crumbed flathead tails and I barbecued some tuna steaks. Both were delicious. I did manage to burn myself on the barbecue though, I now have a nasty little painful blister on my finger.

After getting home, I headed out for a bike ride, managed to fit in just under 23km at about 28km/hr before darkness set in. A very enjoyable ride. What made it more enjoyable was seeing a police car chasing a hoon who had just done a burnout. Many times I see things and think to myself “I wish there was a policeman here right now” and tonight there was!

I’m going to go do a short home workout now!


2 Responses to “Good Friday”

  1. Jaykay Says:

    Happy Easter Andrew.

    My Hubby will probably see that hoon car tonight!! I think it might be a busy night for him!!

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I’m dreaming of your tuna steaks already! 😀 Can you imagine I never had one? 😯 I only know canned tuna (bleh) and sashimi tuna (yum). Grilled tuna steak would be awesome! 😀 Sorry to hear about the blister, though, burning injuries hurt so much! Hope it doesn’t impair you too much with biking and weight lifting.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

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