Easter Saturday

Easter Saturday was a pretty normal Saturday really. It started with me doing the final coat of paint on the iron railing around our front balcony, then continued with a bit of shopping. The local shopping centre was crazy busy, it seemed even worse than Christmas crowds.

Then a little bit of gardening, including planting a rhubarb plant we got from mum and dad’s garden yesterday and spreading some new mulch.

Just before dusk we went for another walk over to Gellibrand Hill park, and this time some of the local residents came out to say hello.

Gellibrand Hill residents

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

At weigh-in this morning I was 100g down on last week, at 71.5 kg. surprising given that the exercise load has been reduced this week and quite a lot of chocolate and hot cross buns have been consumed.

Exercise today will be just a home workout later this evening.


5 Responses to “Easter Saturday”

  1. katsmumblings Says:

    It’s not like you haven’t been active, you did do alot of painting. That can be a tough workout!

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Kangaroos! 😀 Oh, they are so cute how they peek out of the grass! And their ears are so beautiful. I imagine their are a little fluffy and bounce back when you stroke them. 🙂

    Isn’t it crazy how people run to the supermarkets and empty the shelves like there was no tomorrow, only because there are two holidays in a row? Ah, the pleasure of going there still waits for later today. 😉

    Great that the balcony is finished now! And yay for gardening! 😀 My grandmom used to have rhubarbh in the garden and used it in a cake, or made pudding from it.

    Hm, I wonder … I don’t any idea about the climate of where you live, but doesn’t it get winter in Australia now? And you’re *planting*? 😀 Winter here is freezing and snow … Or do your always plant rhubharb in winter? 😀 (I really don’t know!)

    Happy Easter to you! 🙂

  3. Jaykay Says:

    I love Rhubarb, so if you ever have an over supply, you know where to off load it!!

    If you need something new to do, my garden needs a bit of TLC!

  4. Carla Says:

    Andrew! I am loving all the pics you are taking with your new camera!!! What beautiful creatures they are! The previous pics of your dog are adorable too!!!

  5. Ewen Says:

    It was busy up here too. Had to park in the street and walk 1 block to Coles. Then half the egg shelves were empty!

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