So, it starts …

Today was the start of my Half-Marathon training plan, here’s how the first week looks;

  • Monday – Rest/Cross Train
  • Tuesday – 15 minute warm-up, then 4 x 1 km @ 4:30 min/km with 90 second walk recovery
  • Wednesday – Rest/Cross Train
  • Thursday – 8 km relaxed run
  • Friday – Rest/Cross Train
  • Saturday – 5 km easy run
  • Sunday – 15 km long run

I chose a bike ride for my cross-training today, and it was another early one. I got out the door at about 7:30am, and boy was it cold and very foggy. Visibility was minimal, especially as the fog really affects my glasses. I had to stop three or four times to wipe the glasses down, and also to blow my nose because the cold morning air really clears the sinuses. At the last minute I decided to wear my light water-proof jacket, and was really glad I did, it is amazing how wet you get in fog, it may as well have been raining, and I had to give the bike a good wipe down as well, it was dripping too. All up, a bit over 36km in just over one and a half hours.

The second part of my half marathon preparation involved a shopping trip to DFO today for a new pair of runners. I’m currently rotating three pairs of Saucony’s but my Hurricane 10s have about 870km in them and my Omni 7s have about 730km. I have a newish pair of Hurricane 12s that only have about 50km down. So, I went to see what they had cheap at the DFO Converse store and picked myself up a pair of Omni 9s. So, I will retire the older Hurricanes, get a few more km’s out of the old Omnis, and then have two fairly new pairs to rotate through the HM training plan.

7 Responses to “So, it starts …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    So exciting starting a new plan! I was very very cold and wet after my ride in the fog- wish I had the sense to put on a jacket like you.

  2. Jaykay Says:

    Are the Omni’s lighter than the Hurricanes? Not that I’m looking for new trainers or anything!! 😀

    Wow, that training plan looks a bit hardcore! Don’t know if I could get through the 15km session yet! Good luck. Hope it goes well for you.

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Sorry about the glasses! You know, the only thing I can say is, get laser surgery! 😉

    As far as I can tell, this looks like a good plan! What exactly do you do for warm-up? (You’ve scheduled 15 minutes, so I guess you’ll be doing something. ;))

  4. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Don’t you find it awkward rotating different shoes?

  5. Ewen Says:

    Good week Andrew. The 4:30 ks with 90 sec break shows you’re speed is good. Your cold foggy ride reminds me why I don’t ride in the winter!

  6. twocatz Says:

    Have you discovered Wiggle yet? This is what they have to offer on Saucony’s – – you can set the prices into Au$ and they usually offer free delivery with orders over $85

  7. Karen@WaistingTime Says:

    Wow. I am so not a runner.

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