Swap …

I decided to swap tomorrow’s “5km easy run” and today’s “Rest/cross train” to give me some more flexibility tomorrow (rest if I feel like it or go for a bike ride) and also to not have a running day before my “15km long run” on Sunday. I think the Friday/Saturday swap may be a common thing over the next 12 weeks.

So, I set off around my 6km loop, ran the first 5km @ 5:12 min/km pace, then walked the last kilometre as a cool down. Then a short home workout tonight, mainly stretching, foam roller and core. Still got a bit of soreness in my right knee, but not enough to resort to the anti-inflamms (yet).

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Cilla, in answer to your question, if you haven’t read any of Dean Karnaze’s books, I would definitely read “Ultramarathon Man” first. I think it is the best of the three I’ve read, and his first.


3 Responses to “Swap …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I like flexibility. Plans are great, but if they don’t account for flexibility, they feel like a prison. I hope your knee gets better soon!

  2. offthelongrun Says:

    Nice pace mate – see you tomorrow.

  3. twocatz Says:

    Training plans should never be set in stone. Making sensible swaps is the best way of preventing either injury or lack of interest

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