Slack April …

Well, I decided to call today an exercise rest day, to cap off what has been a bit of a slack month exercise wise. Less than 20 hours exercise this month in the journal, compared to an average of 33+ hours in the previous three months of the year. Less intensity too because the calories burnt were only just over half of the average for the previous three months. That said though, still managed to maintain the weight through the chocolate and hot cross bun season, 71.3kg this morning, a slight (200g) drop on last week.

A fairly normal Saturday – shopping, lawns mowed and a walk along the Maribyrnong.

The monthly wrap up is as follows;

Run: 6 runs for 51km, average pace 5:43 min/km (YTD 147km, 5:43 min/km)
This will lift next month as the Half Marathon training plan gets going.
Bike: 8 rides for 230km, average speed 25.2 km/hr (YTD 2,005km, 24.3 km/hr)
The vTdF goal is slipping away, currently 126 km behind where I need to be, and bad weather, and the increased running load making it look ominously like a “fail”.
Home workout: 14 workouts for 5.7 hours (YTD 58 workouts for 22.4 hours)
Ahead of my goal here in terms of number of workouts, but slightly behind in terms of time. Need to increase session lengths. 
Total exercise:
 19.6 hours for 12,745 calories (YTD 119.5 hours for 81,114 calories)

Note to self: “Lift your game!”


6 Responses to “Slack April …”

  1. Ewen Says:

    Andrew, why not just give yourself an extension of time on the vTdF goal?

    Getting the half training rolling along well would seem to be ultimately a more satisfying goal (when you run a good half).

  2. katsmumblings Says:

    I had an ok training month and you still burnt more calories than me. Cut yourself some slack – it wasn’t a bad training month…just less than usual. One can’t be “at their best” all the time.

  3. twocatz Says:

    I am sure you will be back firing on all cylinders in May

  4. sassydrcil Says:

    19.6 hours, a typo?

  5. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I agree with Ewen: Extend the vTdF goal, doing that is awesome already, and nobody who rides the TdF prepares for a half marathon besides it, no? 🙂

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