Better …

I have to admit that I approached this mornings intervals session with a feeling that was almost approaching dread. I had tightness in the calves and a sore knee before I even started, and really felt bad after last Tuesday’s session. But, I have to say, this morning felt better, and we did better with our split times too. We were aiming to maintain 4:30 min/km pace during our fast intervals. Resulting split paces were 4:25 (for 5 minutes), 4:29 (for 4 minutes), 4:36 (for 3 minutes), 4:31 (for 2 minutes) and 3:50 (for 1 minute). With the warm-up, cool-down and the recovery in between each split we ended up with just under 9km at an average pace of 5:42 min/km, and a little feeling of smug satisfaction (well that was me at least, can’t speak for Alex).

Now, if you want to brighten up your day with a song, try this one. One of my favourite singers, Martha Wainwright, singing on the Australian TV music quiz show Rockwiz, performing the David Bowie song “Heroes” (also one of my favourite songs) with ex-King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew. Worth watching, honestly.


5 Responses to “Better …”

  1. offthelongrun Says:

    You can speak for me! I reckon after all these years Adrian could afford a haircut!

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I think you are really brave! – Don’t laugh now, but look at me: I shy back from everything that I think of to be probably uncomfortable a lot, or challenge me too much and thus contain a rather large possibility of failure. The bitter thing is that, having studied quite a bit of psychology, I totally *know* that the best strategy to overcome your anxieties is to face them and do what you’re afraid of, because it won’t be as bad as you assume (hopefully, mostly ;)). So, I know all the theories and can tell you about them, but I don’t manage to apply them.


    Well, the sign post never goes where it points to, right? 😉

    Listening and rocking to this song now … 😀

    • ajh Says:

      Just remember that if it is only yourself you are competing against, you can’t fail. Just doing it is success, no matter what the result, right ?

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