A better long run …

I decided to swap the Sunday long run to today, in order to make sure the long run didn’t impact on Mother’s Day celebrations tomorrow. The plan was to get up early this morning and run, but as so often happens with me, when I haven’t got the “commitment” of a running partner, I just stayed in bed. So, the run happened late afternoon instead.

We went down to Geelong this morning and called on Adrienne’s mum, and then went out to lunch with my mum and dad, to give our respective mum’s their Mother’s Day gifts.

The run this afternoon was along a similar path to last Sundays, but was better in many respects. Firstly, the Garmin stayed on the whole time, secondly I didn’t take the wrong turn I did last week, and thirdly I managed to complete just over 16km in almost the same time as I took for 14.4km last week. I just managed to keep it under 6:00 min/km pace today, which isn’t a bad effort given how hilly it is. There was still far too much walking though, especially on the big hill around the 10-12km section of the run. It was a tough, but pleasant run, listening to the mighty Cats win their 25th consecutive home game on my iPod, with just a few rabbits and a few kangaroos for company.


4 Responses to “A better long run …”

  1. offthelongrun Says:

    Nice one mate – do you realise this week we’ve already done 48k? Those hills look nasty

  2. Em Says:

    Those hills are nasty! Nothing wrong with a spot of walking, it’s all time on your feet.

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Haha, this is *so* me – if there’s no commitment, just stay in bed. 😀 Great you went anyway! 🙂

  4. Ewen Says:

    There are three things not to mention on blogs… Religion, Politics and Footy. Up the mighty BLUES!

    Good long run there – 6 min ks with hills and walking is quick.

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