A short bike ride and a long run …

Today called for a 17km run and the plan was to get up early and do it. As so often happens though I chose to stay in bed.

After a shopping trip, Kate and I went for a short bike ride, me on my roadie and Kate on the new mountain bike. Then after that I took the new mountain bike on a short ride too. Riding the two bikes straight after each other really highlighted how much extra work there is in riding the mountain bike with it’s heavier frame and wider, bigger tyres.

Then, I did head out for the long run, after a liberal application of Tiger Balm and taping the knee. I decided to run Gellibrand again, and headed out on the same route as the last two weeks long runs. The start of the route uses an access track on the outside of the park, and it was a lot less runnable due to all the rain we’ve had. Given that this part of the track is more “established” than the track inside the park that has been the return leg the last two weeks, I decided to do an out-and-back and just run 8.5km, then turn and run back the same route.

Still very hilly, and still a fair bit of walking, but some of it not due to fitness but rather due to poor footing caused by the recent rain.

Anyway, I managed to stay under the 6 min/km pace, shaving a few seconds off last weeks pace. Improvement is good.

Still lots of hills in the revised route!


8 Responses to “A short bike ride and a long run …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    Thought that was going to be a brick session!

  2. katsmumblings Says:

    That’s a really good day. So do you think you will ride your road bike or MTB more in the future?

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Whee, great day! And Tiger Balm seems to work wonders for your knee! 😀

  4. offthelongrun Says:

    Nice weekend mate – pity about WHU though

  5. Ewen Says:

    Good run Andrew. What software do the graphs come from? Different to the Garmin training centre ones.

  6. Ewen Says:

    Ah. Maybe the different Garmins produce different looking graphs. I’ll play around with it.

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