Well, the Cats fell in again last night versus Carlton and remain undefeated. I said to Alex this morning, one of my football teams doesn’t know how to lose (Geelong) and the other doesn’t know how to win (West Ham United).

At weekly weigh-in this morning I saw a slight gain (900g) to be 72.1 kg, so still well within the target 70-75kg range. Also, although there was a small weight gain, the body fat measurement fell 1.2% and the hydration (+3.6%) and muscle percentages (+2.0%) both rose slightly, so I guess it’s a good result overall.

Alex and I headed out early for the planned “8km over hills” on our normal route that starts in Boeing Reserve and runs along the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, then the Western Ring Road path, returning through Gowanbrae. We took it fairly easy and averaged 5:49 min/km. Fortunately Alex’s soleus which has been giving him grief seemed to survive okay.

Bill, to answer your question from yesterday, all my running stats on my blog are from my Garmin Forerunner 405. The images like those below are just screen captures from the Garmin Connect website where the data from the Garmin automatically uploads to. Click here to see the Garmin Connect page for today’s run with Alex. Try out the Player, it is pretty cool, a moving icon travels the route on the map, while running a line along the elevation and speed graphs.

Ewen, yeah, thanks for the advice. Actually Alex and were talking about that this morning and have decided to slow down our fast session next Tuesday from 4:30 to 4:45 min/km. I think I need to get comfortable running at the desired race pace and feeling like I can pace myself without constant adjustment from looking at the Garmin.

The first job this morning was some e-recycling. The local council had a day where you could take old electronic equipment to be responsibly and environmentally recycled. A wonderful idea, as I’m sure a lot usually just ends up in landfill. We took about 10 items, and arrived in the first 15 minutes or so of the depot opening. Even that early, I was amazed how many old TVs, monitors, computers etc had already been dropped off.

Then it was time for a long-overdue haircut, I was beginning to look a little like a hippie from the 70s again. I rang to see if the hairdresser who has cut my hair for the last 20 years or so was working and could fit me in, only to be told he didn’t work there any more. So, it was a new hairdresser, who has cut it slightly differently, but I’m happy – I look slightly respectable again.

Other jobs done today were, some pruning in the garden, clipping the dog’s nails then taking her for a walk and some tidying up and rearrangement of the computer desk in the study.

Hope your Saturday was good!


5 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. twocatz Says:

    Ewen is spot on again with his advice. Some very short stuff at a quicker than race pace “may” be advantageous, but being able to run 21k at race pace is far more important. Should also reduce the potential for injury too.

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I just got a long-overdue haircut the other day. Feels so good! I already started to look like this …


  3. Ewen Says:

    Thanks 2C. Bill Squires says in Running Times “I’m not into these practice runners, the Cinderfellas.” Referring to runners who ‘win’ training sessions.

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