Just didn’t wanna …

I ditched the planned run today. Whilst I have been struggling with a little bit of knee soreness, and some slight shin soreness, this wasn’t the real reason, I plain just didn’t feel like I wanted to run today.

We spent most of the morning cleaning up the garage, and really didn’t scratch the surface. We did manage to get rid of a lot of various scrap metal items and some household chemicals and old paint tins at the council tip, and have organised enough old tat to organise one of the two free “hard rubbish” collections we get each year. Once that has gone we’ll have a bit more room to really clean up a bit. We also need a bit more organised storage in the garage so might need to buy some more shelves or something.

Late afternoon I headed out for a bike ride (on the road bike), and whilst it wasn’t a long ride, I did manage to blow away some cobwebs with a bit of speed. I really enjoyed my bike ride, I’ve been missing it with all this running and the rainy weather we’ve been having. After dinner a 30-minute home workout too.


2 Responses to “Just didn’t wanna …”

  1. chrisfit2009 Says:

    On the flip side, I wanted to go out for a run today but the rain and wind put an end to those plans.

    Nothing wrong with having an unscheduled rest day, you’ll feel better for it tomorrow. Besides, who wants to run amongst all that rubbish?

  2. Nathan Says:

    Just came across your blog. Lots of great stuff here. Looking forward to reading it.

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