Compex Performance

About two weeks ago I posted that I was introducing a secret weapon into the battle against my very tight calf muscles.

This is it.

It is an electrical muscle stimulator. You connect the cables from the device to adhesive electrode pads that you place according to clear instructions depending upon the muscle you wish to stimulate. The device comes with many different programs in categories such as Warm-up, Sport, Fitness, Pain Relief, Recovery, Body Sculpt and Rehabilitation.

I have been using the device solely on my calf muscles which involves placing the electrodes as shown to the left. I’ve used the Decontracture program (from the Pain Relief category) and the Relaxing Massage and Reviving Massage (from the Recovery category). These all run through a variety of different stimulation effects, and you can alter the strength of the stimulation as you feel like it. The programs all run for between 20-25 minutes. I’ve used it on my calves most days for the last couple of weeks, and have to say I think it is helping a lot. Considering the increased amount of running I’ve been doing, my calves have been amazingly well behaved. They are feeling a lot less tight, a lot more receptive to a good stretch, and a lot less painful when I attack them with the foam roller or The Stick.

I think this device is going to be very useful in maintaining this bloggers ageing body as he tries to push himself athletically. Whilst concentrating on calves at the moment I can see it being used in many other places too!

I will keep updating you as I find out more about it, and continue to use it, but at the moment I have to say – highly recommended!

Check out this website for a bit more information. The devices are available from The Running Company stores in Sydney.


5 Responses to “Compex Performance”

  1. Cilla Says:

    I will have to have a “go” at yours, think Andy also has one.
    Look forward to seeing u on sunday.

  2. kathryn Says:

    OMG I’m so excited about this information. It really works? Sometimes when I go for massages here, they ask if i want the “denki” (ie. electricity is the direct translation) — very similar thing. I’ve had it on my back but never thought to get my calves done.

    Maybe I’ll print out the pic you have so they fully understand what I want 🙂

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I once used a thing like that to build up my very weak back muscles. I really got sore muscles from it!

  4. Eat Em Says:

    Things that make you go ….. hmmmmm !!!!

    I have no doubt taht you are finding it benefical so go with it.

    PS: I havea sneeking suspsion that DG & I will be at Willy Sri Chinmoy on sunday …..

    Eat Em

  5. AndrewEnz Says:

    This is rather intriguing. I’ll be interested to see how it works out for you.

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