HM Training – Week 6

Official times for yesterdays run were out today and I’m happy to say that we did manage to get a 5 sec PB for Cilla!

Week 5 of the Half Marathon training plan was a bit of a disaster (with only two of the four running sessions completed) so I’m calling it a bit of a rest week, this is what week 6 looks like;

  • Monday – Rest/Cross Train
  • Tuesday – 10 km relaxed run
  • Wednesday – Rest/Cross Train
  • Thursday – 7 km relaxed run
  • Friday – Rest/Cross Train
  • Saturday – 10 km tempo run
  • Sunday – 18 km long run

So, no interval session tomorrow, but a tempo run on Saturday. I’m going to have to try really hard to get through every session this week and get back on track.

My cross-training activity today was to take the new mountain bike off-road for the first time. It was just a quick 45 minute spin around Gellibrand Hill park. Wow, it’s fun! Hard work, and a real learning experience for me, but fun all the same.

Here’s three things I’ve learned already about mountain bike riding;

  • It is heaps harder (effort wise) than riding the road bike
  • In loose gravel it is nearly as slippery as my skinny road bike tyres in the wet
  • If you want to stand up on the pedals make sure you’ve locked out the front suspension, otherwise you bounce up and down as you pedal and look stupid
  • You have to remain seated climbing up hills, you need the weight on the back wheel for traction

If you have any other tips for me I’d appreciate it!

4 Responses to “HM Training – Week 6”

  1. twocatz Says:

    Be careful when riding on soft tracks, the front wheel digs in and you go over the handle bars, usually with a few choice words of “oh fu*k this is going to hurt” before you hit the ground. Trust me I know from experience lol

  2. Eat Em Says:

    RE Uphills …. stay on the seat but also bend at the waist to lean forward and have weight over handle bars – otherwise the front wants to pop up into teh air and you have no directional control

    If we had the time (and $$) DG & I would do more mountain bike riding.

    Eat Em

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    You know I’m not a bike expert, but I know that it takes some time to really get acquainted with something like a new bike. For me, it was like that with my grand piano – I first had to learn how it reacts, and how much pressure I need to produce which volume of tone etc. It took a few months, but now we know each other very well. 🙂

  4. sassydrcil Says:

    Should you be doing a tempo run and a long run back to back?
    Just a thought.

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