Ache …

I have been suffering a little bit of pain in my good (left) knee recently. No doubt due to the increased running load. Last night it ached very badly all night, to the point of stopping me sleeping. This morning I resorted to an anti-inflammatory and decided to cancel the planned 10km run.

To be honest I’m doubting my decision to embark upon the HM training plan. I’m wondering if I should

  • reduce the plan load a bit?
  • have a rest for a couple of weeks?
  • ditch the plan completely?
  • ditch the half-marathon, maybe downgrade to the 10km in Run Melbourne?
  • get back on the bike(s) and concentrate on that?

Decisions, decisions.

Tonight just a short home workout.

The monthly wrap up is as follows;

Run: 14 runs for 132km, average pace 5:51 min/km (YTD 279km, 5:47 min/km)
Nearly as much running as for the previous four months combined.
Bike: 10 rides for 104km, average speed 22.6 km/hr (YTD 2,110km, 24.2 km/hr)
The vTdF goal is almost gone. Bad weather, and the increased running load making it almost time to abandon that goal. Really missing the time on the bike, and especially the Sunday rides with Herb. The purchase of the mountain bike adds to the ride or run dilemma. Hoping for more rides with Kate too if she decides cycling is for her.
Home workout: 17 workouts for 7.3 hours (YTD 75 workouts for 29.6 hours)
A solid month here, but still need to increase session lengths. 
Total exercise:
 24.7 hours for 15,545 calories (YTD 144.2 hours for 96,659 calories)


6 Responses to “Ache …”

  1. offthelongrun Says:

    I’m in the same boat, but I don’t have a bike!

  2. Ewen Says:

    Have a couple of days off running and then ease back into the plan. See how you go. Some niggles go just as quickly as they come.

  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Please take care of yourself! I believe that pain is one way the body wants to tell you something, so I’d consider listen to it. I’ve read on quite a lot of other blogs by people who run *a lot* that many of them struggle with sometimes serious injuries from overdoing it. (Okay, I put away my wagging pointer now. ;))

    Sent the little package for you today, I think it’ll need about a week to get to you. 🙂

  4. Twocatz Says:

    I think the answer is in your training diary – May 2011 132 k’s. Jan – Apr 2011 – 147k’s. The last time I could find where you ran over 100 k’s in a month was August 2009.

    Maybe you should take a couple of days rest, sort the niggles out and then refocus on being HM distance ready and go out and run the race and have plenty of fun doing it, rather than seeing it as a chore.

    I know when I decided to get back off my lazy arse and do some proper training it took me a long time to build some consistency and a good base. I ran a couple of HM’s with friends who hadn’t run them before, which was a heap of fun seeing them cross the line for the frst time. It was only the last half I ran in May that I felt comfortable enough to go out hard(ish) and chase a pb.

    I reckon you could do three runs a week, using the 2 in the week to help build the base, keep the pace a little slower than race pace. Then have one long run on a weekend, say starting at 10k and then add an extra k per week until the week before the race. or if you need to build up a little quicker add 2k per week. keep these runs around 30 – 40 seconds a k slower than race pace.

    If all goes well and you have fun running in July, you can then focus on a time for the half in October. You can then add the intervals and tempo runs when you have put some extra k’s in the bank and the legs are stronger.

  5. JH Says:

    You haven’t exactly followed the 10% rule with running. I’d take Ewen’s advice. Ease off for a bit and see how you react, then carefully back into the program.

  6. AndrewEnz Says:

    10% rule cough!

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