Shorter than planned …

My weight this morning at weekly weigh-in had crept up another 600g to 73.1 kg, so that’s nearly a 2 kg gain in the last three weeks. Oops!

I headed out for a ride before breakfast, but unfortunately it was somewhat shorter than planned due to a bloody puncture. I didn’t manage to avoid a large piece of ceramic tile that was lying in the road and got a flat in my rear tyre. So, stopping to fix it took up a bit of my allotted ride time. I did use one of my CO2 inflator cylinders for the first time, they are magic, it inflated the tyre to good pressure in about 2 seconds.

The rest of Saturday morning was spent shopping, including a trip to the local bike shop where I purchased a pair of these.

I decided I would need some waterproof overshoes if I am going to start riding a bit more in the bad weather. I have been getting so frustrated recently in the traffic driving to and from work, that I think getting wet on the bike will be preferable to sitting in the traffic getting annoyed.

On that topic, two words have been annoying me recently every time I see them as I drive;

  • “Freeway” – Most of the ones I drive on have tolls so they are not free. Also, the traffic certainly doesn’t seem to flow freely. So, can we think of another name please?
  • “Roadwork” – There is so much disruption around Melbourne at the moment due to various “roadwork”. However, whenever I’m driving past the “roadwork” areas there seems to be very little actual “work” going on. Again, another name please.

This very funny video made me laugh. Credit to Charlotte’s blog for the link.


10 Responses to “Shorter than planned …”

  1. JH Says:

    In the UK it’s “motorway”. In the US they have “turnpike”, which always seemed odd to me.

  2. Beki Says:

    Perhaps I had a sense of humour bypass but I didn’t find that at all funny. If there is one thing that really irritates me it is people shouting “witty” comments at people while they are training. Especially if it is at someone who may well have only just taken up running but took ages to do so because they felt self conscious or embarrassed about it (let’s face it, we’ve all been there).

    And the comment about doing something more productive like reading a book or playing an instrument? I would say as a huge generalisation that people who exercise are likely to be more productive than those who don’t as they tend to have more energy. I know that when I don’t exercise I tend to be pretty lazy because I personally have less energy.

    Sorry but that video was just condescending rubbish by someone who thinks they are better than people who want to get healthy and improve their quality of life.

    Apologies for the rant but I’m having chocolate cravings lol

  3. katsmumblings Says:

    Try having to drive 40kph at 3.30 in the mornings because of supposed one around but me! I think its a crock.

  4. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Hahaha, I laughed so hard! First on your renaiming claims, and then on that video! 😀 Have to share it on fb now!

  5. Tish Says:

    How about toll-road? That’s a much more common usage here than “turn-pike”–when the toll taker actually had to manually turn the pike that was blocking the road after you paid your money.

    Your new biking boots look great. It a beautiful morning here (about 60 degrees) and we’re heading out for a nice long ride after the tennis match (Schiavone & Li) ends. I’m pulling for Li.

  6. Ewen Says:

    Good idea re the waterproof overshoes. I have them for the motorbike. Also have a couple of CO2 inflators from 10 years ago. Wonder if they still work?! Believe it or not we have the similar ‘never finished’ roads up here. Sometimes have to sit in traffic for 10 minutes 😉

  7. Sara Says:

    I love my waterproof shoes too! Definitely required- though I think you need to invest in some very serious puncture proof tyres too.

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