Two rides …

Two bike rides today, one on each bike, and one at each end of the day.

Early this morning I met Herb and we rode from his place down the Maribyrnong River path for a coffee at Docklands, then back up the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail. A beautiful morning, but very, very cold, I was eagerly awaiting the cup of coffee just to wrap my hands around it to get them warm!

Just before dusk I took a short ride on the mountain bike around Gellibrand Hill. I took the camera, but there weren’t really any good photo opportunities.

My thigh/quad seems to be feeling a bit better since I’ve backed off the running. Funny about that eh?


2 Responses to “Two rides …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Means more biking, less running, no? 😉

  2. Beki Says:

    You certainly enjoy your cycling. Do you think you might shift your focus to cycling events rather than running? What about mountain biking?

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