Cold …

It’s been quiet here, just work, nothing much else going on, hence the lack of post yesterday. I have ridden to work both days, and it has been numbingly cold both days, I think I need some warmer gloves. I was lucky with the rain today as it rained pretty heavily most of the day, but not at either end while I was riding.

Kath and Beki, yes I think my future exercise routines will feature more riding than running, I will still run but will have to manage the volume. Beki, the recent purchase of the mountain bike will widen my options certainly.

Sara, I am using Continental Gatorkins already, supposedly a fairly high level of puncture protection, but I do seem to get more than my fair share of punctures.


6 Responses to “Cold …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Oh yeah, the icky (with regard to outdoor exercise) season has started now for you … 😕 Hope the more-biking-less-running strategy works well!

    Have you already gotten my package? I’ve sent it last week, so I think it will arrive soon. 🙂 (I’m soooooo excited how you’ll like it! :D)

  2. Eat Em Says:

    Andrew – I go to the other axtreme ….
    Lightweight tubes and tyres and so far (touch wood) have not had to many punctures – but the tyres do wear out.
    It might have more to do with the roads you are riding – heavy traffic will mean more chance of debris on the roads.

    Eat Em

    • Andrew(AJH) Says:

      Yes, I think you are definitely right it is the area I ride. Roads with debris, and the bike paths through the north-west (Broadmeadows area) tend to be pretty glass strewn.

  3. Ewen Says:

    Try motorcycle gloves!

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