vTdF – Stage 12 – Completed

Virtual Tour de France – Stage 12 – Bourg-De-Peage to Mende – 210.5km

This year one of my bike goals is to complete a “virtual Tour de France”. That is, to complete the same number of kilometres as the 2010 TdF riders did (3,641.9km) before the 2011 TdF completes on the 25th of July. These posts track my progress as I “complete each stage”.

The Course: A difficult stage through the Massif Central tracks along tiny back roads for most of the first half of the stage. There are four categorised climbs with the highest being the Suc de Montivernoux peaking at 1,315 metres.

The Race: Two great attacks by Alexandre Vinokourov in this stage showed us that he really is “back”. He attacked early on the flat, then again on the steep final climb. He could only manage third though behind Joaquim Rodriguez and Contador.

vTdF Status: 2,347.9km completed, target completion date for this stage was May 13th, so 29 days behind schedule (it was 33 at the end of the previous stage). Still looking very tough to complete on time, but still not impossible.

3 Responses to “vTdF – Stage 12 – Completed”

  1. JH Says:

    I’m sure you can do it Andrew. Just spend less time with this running malarkey (and cut down on work, if you can).

  2. Tish Says:

    Love that victory pose in the final picture. Have you practiced this? I’m afraid I don’t take my hands off the handlebars at the same time for more than a millisecond. Guess I can’t win. 🙂 Good job on the riding. That’s some serious mileage.

  3. Pippa Says:

    So chuffed for you, Andrew!

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