Fall …

I took a leave day today. I’d planned to get up and ride early, but ended up staying in bed as it was raining when I looked out the window at 7am. Adrienne and I decided to go into the Victoria Market, a good decision as it is a lot quieter than on a Saturday morning. On the way there I dropped the new mountain bike off at the bike shop. It has been making a nasty squeak as I’ve been riding it.

After lunch Kate and I went out for a short bike ride, then I kept going for a longer ride. There was a bit of light rain around still and the road surfaces were wet. About half way around my planned loop I had a fall. I was crossing a temporary wooden bridge that has been put in the bike path due to the Western Ring Road roadworks. Turning left at the end of the bridge I basically just didn’t allow for just how slippery the wet, wooden surface was. The bike just slid out from under me and I crashed down onto the wooden surface and slid out onto the asphalt track. Fortunately, a low-speed fall, but I still took a bit of a whack.

I got up, sore and muddy and the first thing I noticed was that my front wheel wouldn’t rotate freely. First thought was that I’d buckled my wheel, but I’d just pushed the brakes off-centre so that was easily fixed. About a kilometer before the fall I’d passed another cyclist, and my next thought was, “I’d better get going before he comes along and sees me”. Obviously, my pride was the most serious thing I’d injured.

Anyway, back at home the injuries are pretty minor. The left hip, knee and elbow took a bit of a thump and there’s a little bit of skin off the knee and the hip. All the clothes needed washing and the helmet has a bit of a scratch. I haven’t checked the bike for dings but I’m sure there’s no serious damage.

So, no little biking smiley today, because this rider wasn’t really smiling at the end of the ride today. But it could have been worse, back on the bike tomorrow!


5 Responses to “Fall …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Sorry to hear that you had a fall! But at least you had luck in bad luck and didn’t get injured! Does that mean you don’t have a functioning bike right now, because one is in repair, and the other one has a blocked front wheel? 😦

  2. Ewen Says:

    Yes, ‘been there done that’ with that particular bike accident. Bike tyres don’t have enough grip in the wet — even the pros lose it, like in the Sydney triathlon recently.

  3. morseyruns Says:

    Glad you are okay Andrew- it is such a scary thing sometimes!

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