vTdF – Stage 15 – Completed

Virtual Tour de France – Stage 15 – Pamiers to Bagneres-de-Luchon – 187.5km

This year one of my bike goals is to complete a “virtual Tour de France”. That is, to complete the same number of kilometres as the 2010 TdF riders did (3,641.9km) before the 2011 TdF completes on the 25th of July. These posts track my progress as I “complete each stage”.

The Course: Another Pyrenean stage with four climbs including the HC climb of the Port de Bailes just 21km from the finish.

The Race: A lot of people think this may have been the stage that lost Andy Schleck the 2010 Tour, due to a dropped chain. The stage was won by Thomas Voeckler who was part of a breakaway that managed to stay away from the peleton.

vTdF Status: 2,915.9km completed, target completion date for this stage was June 14th, so 16 days behind schedule (it was 22 at the end of the previous stage). Thirty kilometres a day will still do it, but I know there are a couple of days where I am not going to be able to ride so I need to make up some time.


One Response to “vTdF – Stage 15 – Completed”

  1. Pippa Says:

    Whoah, you are REALLY catching up, Andrew! (And I don’t mean with ME. 🙂 ) Congrats on your stamina and resilience – very inspiring. Especially knowing you’re doing this in winter, wow.

    I’m catching the fever this side, with only a few hours to the start of the TdF2011. My hope is that by that time, the worst of my estate handling responsibilities will be over and I can get back on the bike again. Even if I only complete this challenge by Christmas, ha, I don’t care – complete it, I WILL!

    I had to admit to myself that I have only enough space in my head right now to focus on ONE goal at a time, so my parents’ estate admin had to take precedence. Needless to say, I am EAGER to tackle something more joyful!

    Vive le Tour!

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