Half the year is gone !

I can’t believe that half of 2011 is gone already! Where has it gone? Time seems to just slip away so quickly these days, doesn’t it?

June was a weird month exercise wise for me. Absolutely no running, but the most kilometres I’ve ever done in a month on the bike(s) – 813km for the month. And, despite no running, June was the most calories I’ve ever burnt in a month too, just breaking the 25,000 kCal barrier. This isn’t surprising though, I just checked my training journal and there was only one day for the month without an entry. Note to self: take a rest day occassionally.

One achievement I’m really pleased with this month is I seem to have gotten myself into the habit of riding to work every day. Buying some wet weather booties and a decent light have really made this a lot more achievable. I think that I am really arriving home at night feeling more relaxed and happier than I used to after sitting in traffic for 45 minutes.

Out to tea with friends we haven’t seen for a while tonight which will be nice, I’m looking forward to catching up over a few glasses of red!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


4 Responses to “Half the year is gone !”

  1. Pippa Says:

    The thought struck me this morning as well that the year is halfway done – INCREDIBLE!

    You are true inspiration with riding to work come hell or high water, Andrew – I’m in awe at the kms you’ve logged.

    And you’re proof of what I’ve lately been learning: that in order to achieve our goals, we really need to set up ourselves for success, otherwise nothing happens. Like getting wet-weather gear and a light, for instance. Good, that! I’m taking notes and adapting…

  2. Michelle Says:

    Wow some great km’s you are racking up on the bike Andrew. Excellent. There will be no catching you at Amy’s ride next year.

  3. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Nice work mate. I’m thoroughly impressed that you’re still attacking the vTdF. I gave it up for dead a long time ago.

  4. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    I totally agree, time goes by so fast! I’m happy to read biking is going so well with you, and I can’t believe our rode so many km in a single month! 😯 (This is what other people go by car in a month! :D)

    A few glasses of wine make the world go round. Enjoy! 😉

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