A cold, quiet Sunday …

I headed out for a ride this morning but it was shortened by rain, so I just completed another short ride this afternoon to make up the kilometres I wanted to do today, and to try out some old ski gloves we had in the house. My bike gloves are just not cutting it on the cold mornings, and aren’t really water proof. I called in at the local bike shop this morning to buy a new rear light (my current one keeps cutting out – I arrive home and it’s turned off at some stage of the ride – not terribly safe), and the bike shop guy suggested ski gloves. They are bulkier than bike gloves, but I reckon that any loss of finger mobility due to the bulkier glove will be more than made up for by my fingers not being totally frozen like they’ve been most mornings.

This little chap was out on our front lawn this morning. Isn’t he beautiful? We think he is a young, male Red-Rumped Parrot.

I bought the DVD of Wilfred – Series 1 today after hearing good reports about it. It’s supposed to be pretty funny. Anyone watched it? What do you reckon?

A good start to the Tour last night with Cadel Evans doing well and finishing a close second (3 seconds) and Alberto Contador 1:20 behind. Team Time Trial tonight, one of my favourite stages in any Tour – do you think BMC can do well enough to get Cadel in the yellow jersey?


9 Responses to “A cold, quiet Sunday …”

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Your front lawn is visited by wild (?! 😯 ) parrots in the morning? 😀

    Warm gloves are a good idea, especially right at the beginning of the cold season when you can make use of them for several months still. Okay, you may be a little less aerodynamic with GIANT ski gloves 😉 – but let’s be honest, frozen fingers hurt *so much*!!!

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Oh, and I haven’t heard of Wilfred! Is that a kind of caveman comedy?

  3. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Perhaps a laugh (at Wilfred) will ease the pain inflicted by the Bombers!

    • chrisfit2009 Says:

      ps. did you hear the yanks are remaking wilfred? starring elijah wood as wilfred.

    • ajh Says:

      Is there football on at the moment? I’m in TdF mode, so I’m ignoring football 🙂

      Yeah, it was the publicity of the remake that got me interested enough to look at it online and buy the DVD.

  4. Em Says:

    Wilfred is freaking awesome, filthy, but awesome 🙂

    That parrot is very sweet.

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