Pink Floyd at The Plenary

Last night Chris and I went to another Pink Floyd concert. Obviously not the real thing, but the Australian tribute band Beyond The Dark Side. The concert was at The Plenary, a fairly new 5500 seat venue at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre. To be honest, I didn’t even know about this venue until I saw this concert advertised. It is a really nice venue, except maybe for the fact that the newness means it lacks a bit of the atmosphere of a classic venue like The Palais. It is convenient though, with lots of parking available as it is right next door to the South Wharf DFO.

The concert was called A Finger on the Pulse with the band playing the entire Pulse concert, including all the songs, not just the ones that were on the CD. Instrumentally the band were very good. Three guitarists (one of them bass), two keyboard players, drummer, saxophonist and three backup vocals. The light and laser show was really good too, with the stage setup being pretty close (albeit scaled down) to the actual Pulse concerts.

My only critiscm was the quality of the vocals, especially in the first half. The lead singer kept fiddling with his earpieces and I think there must have been a problem with his equipment that was affecting his singing. To be frank, he murdered the vocals of a few songs in the first half. My favourite song in the first half was One of these Days, firstly because there are no lyrics, secondly because it was the first appearance of the 40 foot high inflatable pigs and thirdly because lead guitarist Kevin Hunt did a great job on the slide guitar part, as he had earlier on High Hopes.

The second half was much better though, and as with the original Pulse concert the second half was the entire Dark Side of the Moon album and then encores of Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell, all played with great skill and aplomb. Special note to the female backing vocalists who did an excellent job on the tremendously difficult vocals of The Great Gig In The Sky.

Note: The above concert photos are from the band’s web site, not from last night’s actual show.

I’ve been out on the bike both days over the weekend, managing to keep up the required km’s to maintain my chances of a successful completion of my vTdF goal. I was planning a run but I’ve had a slightly sore knee so haven’t done that. Next weekends Run Melbourne is going to be interesting (and ugly) on the back of literally no running at all.

Still enjoying the real Tour de France. It is great to see Cadel Evans maintaining a perfect position. I was very pleased to see his team BMC riders looking after him again yesterday, and then his very strong finish up the final climb. If he can stay out of trouble, I’m beginning to think this could actually be his year. What do you think?

4 Responses to “Pink Floyd at The Plenary”

  1. Karen@WaistingTime Says:

    This takes me back to college when we used to listen to that Album. My copy somehow vanished over the years, but my teen has several other old records of mine.

  2. Twocatz Says:

    Depends on whether or not the French drivers decide to take him out. His team looks so much better than the last couple of years. The telling point for me is all the GC contenders are still together whoch will make a huge difference when they get into the real mountain stages

  3. Em Says:

    I’ve never heard of that venue either.

    I took my mum to a Fleetwood Mac tribute show last Thursday night, I wasn’t sure what to expect and ended up being blown away. It was a real testament to the original band that it took 9 musicians to do the work of 5! But they were amazing, the vocalists nailed it and the band were very very good. My mother and I both agreed afterwards that their version of Rhiannon was better than the original!

    Have a look at in case something comes up in the future that might take your fancy.

  4. Kath (My Funny Little Life) Says:

    Aww, Pink Floyd is so cool! 😀 Good that the second half of the concert was better in sound quality at least!

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